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NBA 2K24: Ultimate Dribbling Guide – Dribbling Controls


Hey, hoop heads! Ready to level up your game and school your opponents on the virtual court? Get your sticks ready, ’cause we’re gonna turn your dribble game into pure fire with this NBA 2K24 guide. Buckle up, it’s time to grind!



Back to Basics – Dribble School 101

Look, you ain’t gonna be crossing anybody up without mastering the basics, so let’s break ’em down.


  • Crossovers: Flick your right stick to the opposite side of your ball hand. Simple yet deadly, your crossover’s gonna have your defender twisted up if you time it right. You ain’t no AI without a crossover, my guy.


  • Through The Legs: To dribble through your legs, flick the right stick diagonally down to the left or right, depending on your ball hand. It’s all about the misdirection, so use it to catch your defender off guard.


  • Behind the Back: Flick your right stick down from left to right or right to left, based on your ball hand. This move ain’t just for show, it’s a surefire way to protect your rock while switching directions.


  • Hesitation: A quick flick of the right stick towards your ball hand and your defender won’t know if you’re about to blow by or pull up for a shot. Keep ’em guessing, and they’ll be on skates all game long.



Up the Ante – Advanced Dribble Moves

Now that you’ve got the fundamentals down pat, let’s get a little spicy with some advanced moves.


  • Size-ups: They ain’t just for show, player. Flick that right stick up to get into your size-up animations and start feeling out your defender. Mix it up with crossovers, hesitations and behind the back dribbles.


  • Stepbacks: These can create a helluva lot of space for a jumper. Hold turbo (R2 or RT) and pull the right stick down for a quick stepback. Harden ain’t got nothing on you!


  • Spin Move: Rotate the right stick from your ball hand around to the other side. It ain’t just for the highlights, it’s a solid move to evade defenders or split a double team. Just make sure you’re ready to pick up that rock on the other side.



Showtime – Pro Level Dribbling Skills

Think you’re ready to break some ankles? Better bring your A-game, ’cause it’s showtime!


  • In-and-out Dribble: To keep your defender guessing, flick your right stick up and towards your ball hand. Watch ’em stumble as you burst past.


  • Adrenaline Boosts: Remember, in 2K24, you gotta manage your adrenaline boosts. They’re your key to turbo-charged moves, but they ain’t unlimited. So be savvy and use them wisely.


  • Player-Specific Moves: Each baller has their unique flair, so mix it up with different players to find out their signature moves. Nothing beats shaking a defender with a player’s own patented move.



Dribble Maestro – Combining Moves

Now it’s time to mix up those moves and leave your defender’s head spinning.


  • Combo Moves: To master the art of the combo, you need to be versatile. Start with a size-up, follow up with a crossover into a hesitation, then explode past them with a turbo-infused drive. And that’s just scratching the surface, pal.


  • Launch Angles: By using the left stick, you can control your launch angle out of your moves. This gives you total freedom to burst in any direction, shaking off those pesky defenders.


  • Timing is Everything: Button mashing ain’t gonna cut it, player. To nail your dribble combo, you gotta time your moves just right. Pay attention to the animations and learn when to trigger the next move.


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