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All Contact Dunk Requirements in NBA 2K24

NBA 2K24 Contact Dunks

Yo, what’s good, hoop heads? So, you’re on that NBA 2K24 grind, and you wanna turn your MyPlayer into a certified high-flyer, huh? Man, ain’t nothing better than making your opponent look silly by throwin’ down a nasty contact dunk on their head. But hold up! You can’t just hop into the game and expect to posterize fools left and right. You’ve got some work to do…



What’s a Contact Dunk Anyway??

First off, if you’re new to the 2K series or just wanna know what the fuss is all about: Contact dunks are when you try to throw down a monster jam while a defender’s up in your grill trying to block or contest your dunk. Pulling off a contact dunk is straight-up disrespectful (in the best way possible). But before you can start putting defenders on posters, you gotta know what’s up with the requirements.



A Trip Down Memory Lane

If you played NBA 2K23, the vibe is kinda similar but, remember, we’re focused on 2K24 here. 2K Sports keeps it consistent, so if you were beastin’ last year, you already have a head start.



Show Me The Requirements!

Cool, cool, let’s cut the small talk. Time to get to the real deal; so you wanna throw down those insane contact dunks and get the crowd pumped? Here’s what you gotta do:



Contact Dunk 1

  • Driving Dunk: 87+


  • Vertical: 75+


Basic but solid. You ain’t gonna be Vince Carter, but you can still catch some bodies.



Contact Dunk 2

  • Driving Dunk: 89+


  • Vertical: 78+


Aight, you’re heating up now. These stats will let you rise a bit higher and catch defenders slippin’.



Contact Dunk 3

  • Driving Dunk: 94+


  • Vertical: 82+


Yo, now we’re talkin’ elite territory. You’re practically a human highlight reel at this point.



Contact Dunk 4

  • Driving Dunk: 96+


  • Vertical: 86+


Man, if you hit these numbers, you’re like the LeBron of dunking. You’re gonna be bullying cats in the paint, no cap.



Contact Dunk 5

  • Driving Dunk: 86+


  • Vertical: 85+


  • Height: Under 6’5″


This is for all my short kings out there. Don’t let the height fool ya; you can still get up there & wreak havoc…



Contact Dunk 6

  • Driving Dunk: 93+


  • Vertical: 85+


  • Height: Under 6’5″


Just ’cause you’re under 6’5 doesn’t mean you can’t fly… With these stats, you’re basically Spud Webb with a 50-inch vert.



Contact Dunk 7

  • Standing Dunk: 80+


  • Height: 6’10” or above


Big men, stand up! You don’t have to be Giannis, but you can still jam it home with authority.



Contact Dunk 8

  • Standing Dunk: 90+


  • Height: 6’10” or above


If you hit these numbers as a big man, you’re a menace in the paint, straight up.


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