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NBA 2K24: How to Execute Signature Size-Ups

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Signature Size-Ups: What’s the Deal?

Signature size-ups are all about putting your defender on skates, leaving ’em in the dust, and letting them know you’re the real deal. In the actual NBA, legends like Allen Iverson, Tracy McGrady (T-Mac), and Kobe Bryant have used these moves to cook defenders. Iverson’s crossover on Michael Jordan? That’s what we’re talkin’ about! Signature size-ups are all about finesse, timing, and straight-up style.



How to Ball Like the Legends in NBA 2K24

1. Understand Your Player’s Style

Different players, different vibes. The move you pop off with Iverson ain’t gonna be the same as Kobe’s. So, get to know your player and what they’re bringing to the table.



2. Get Your Right Stick Movin’

In NBA 2K24, the right stick (R stick) is your best friend. You’ll be flicking it in various directions to make those signature size-ups happen. Here’s the breakdown:


  • Basic Size-Up: Quickly move and release the R stick to get your player dancing.


  • Combo Moves: Want to really show off? Mix in different directions and speeds, and you’ll get a side size-up combo going.



3. Master the Opposite Hand Crossover

You’ll wanna pay attention to which hand your player’s dribbling with. If they’re holding the ball in the left hand, flick that right joystick to the right, and BOOM! You’ll get that sweet crossover action. Mix it up with different directions, and you’re cooking with gas.



4. Learn from the Greats

Here’s how you can mimic some of the legends:


  • Iverson Style: Left, right, up on the right stick gets you that killer crossover, through the legs, behind the back action.


  • T-Mac Flow: Similar to Iverson, but with T-Mac, you’re getting a different flavor altogether. The move set is unique to him.


  • Kobe’s Magic: Pay tribute to the Black Mamba by mastering his specific set. You’re gonna be moving that joystick in multiple directions to get his signature groove.



5. Practice, Practice, Practice

Get yourself in the game and start trying these moves. You ain’t gonna master them overnight…



Pro Tips and Tricks

  • Mix it up and keep your defender guessing. If you keep pulling the same move, they’re gonna catch on.


  • Timing’s everything. Don’t just throw out a size-up for the sake of it. Look for the opportunity, and then seize it.


  • Check out the legends doing their thing on the court. Sometimes, the best lessons come from watching the greats…


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