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NBA 2K24: How to Execute a Lead to Basket Pass

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When you’re hoopin’ in NBA 2K24, you’ve gotta know your moves and strategies. The ‘lead to basket pass’ is one of those slick moves that can get you scoring in no time. This ain’t just throwing the ball to your player; it’s about leading them to the hoop, creating a clear path for a shot at the net. You’re directing the game like a pro, commanding the court, and setting up your team for success.



Running the Play: How to Execute

Start the Motion:

First things first, you gotta get your player on the move. Press and hold Y on your Xbox or Triangle on your PlayStation. This is like flipping a switch, getting your player to start their sprint to the hoop.



Aim the Pass:

While you’re holding that button, you’re also working the Left Stick. This ain’t just about power, it’s about finesse. The Left Stick is gonna aim your pass, setting up the trajectory of the ball. Aim it like you mean it.



Let it Fly:

Once you’re all lined up, release that button. Your player is gonna heave the rock, setting up your squad mate for the big play at the rim. This ain’t a flashy trick shot, it’s strategic, smooth and straight-up effective.


But remember, it ain’t just about pushing buttons, it’s about timing, strategy, and court vision. You gotta be aware and in control.



Dropping Dimes: Pro Tips

Alright, now let’s level up with some pro tips for the ‘lead to basket pass’:


Strike When the Iron’s Hot: Use this move when the D is breathing down your neck. It’s a solid way to switch it up and keep the defense guessing.


Capitalizing on Complacency: Hit ’em with this right after the other team scores. While they’re hustling back, you’ve got a golden opportunity to catch them sleeping.


No Second Guessing: Once you start this move, there’s no undo button. Be sure of your target and your timing before you commit to the pass.


Pick Your Player: Keep an eye on your homies chilling in the corners. They’re usually in prime position to sink that shot after your lead pass.


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