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NBA 2K24: How to Lob Pass

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Breaking Down the Jargon – What’s a Lob Pass?

Before we dive into the deep end, let’s clear the fog on the lingo. A lob pass? Here’s the scene – you’re in control of the rock, the hoop is in sight. Suddenly, you see your teammate breaking away toward the bucket. Cool as a cucumber, you send that ball flying sky high, sailing over the confounded defenders. Your teammate jumps, snatches it mid-jump, and boom, it’s slammed home. That’s a lob pass for you. Nail it in NBA 2K24, and you’re looking at serious street cred. Mess it up? Better brace for some trash talk.



How to Cook Up a Lob Pass Like a 5-Star Chef

Hungry to start throwing some tasty lobs in NBA 2K24? Here’s the 411, but remember, the secret sauce changes depending on your console:


  • PlayStation 4 & 5: Hit that triangle and maneuver the left stick (L stick) to set your sights on your alley-oop buddy.


  • Xbox One & Series X/S: Pound ‘Y‘ and use the left stick to zero in on your receiver.


  • Nintendo Switch: Press ‘X‘ and use the left stick to home in on your future dunker.


Regardless of the console you’re jamming with, the left stick is your compass, guiding you to choose your receiver. Make sure you pick wisely – a sloppy lob can leave you eating dust.



Inside the Lob Pass Playbook

Aight, now that you’re hip to the basics, let’s chop it up about the real deal on lob passing:


Time is Money: If you sling that rock too soon or too late, you’re cruisin’ for a bruisin’. Keep it chill – hang tight for that sweet spot when your dude’s got a clear shot at the bucket.


Defender Dilemma: A defender breathing down your neck can torpedo your lob, even if your aim’s as sharp as a tack. Ensure you’ve got enough elbow room before you pull the trigger.


Keep it Simple, Slick: Lob passes are high-flying crowd-pleasers, but they’re also high risk. If the shot isn’t on, don’t force the issue. On a fast break, stick to the basics – a chest pass or bounce pass will often get the job done.


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