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NBA 2K24: How Do You Jab Step

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You wanna level up your NBA 2K24 game, right? One sweet trick to have in your arsenal is the jab step. This is all about misdirection, trickery, and making your defender wish they were guarding someone else. Picture this: You make a quick step in one direction but then bam! You’re off in the opposite direction or popping a jumper. Now let’s get into how you pull off this slick move.



The Basics

First things first, you gotta understand when to jab step. This ain’t a move you can whip out anytime. The prime time is when you first catch the ball, before you’ve started dribbling. If you’re already bouncing the rock, it’s too late for the jab step. So, once you secure the ball, that’s your window.



Executing the Jab Step

Next up, you need to know how to actually perform the jab step. You’re gonna use the right stick for this move. But listen, don’t get heavy-handed and hold that stick, or you’re gonna end up taking a shot. You gotta tap it, swiftly and deftly, like you’re testing a hot stove.


Now, the direction you tap the stick determines the direction of your jab step. Tap it to the left, and your player jabs left; tap it right, and they jab right; forward, and they step forward. You can even get fancy with it and jab diagonally if the situation calls for it.


Remember, though, tapping it back will make you pump fake, which is a whole other can of worms. But hey, mix in some pump fakes with your jab steps, and you’ll have your defender tripping over themselves!



Jab Step Controls on Different Consoles

Let’s get specific with the controls for a minute. If you’re rocking the Xbox One or Xbox Series X | S, you’ll want to hold LT to post up, then hold RT and flick that right stick up before releasing quickly.


PS4 & PS5 ballers, your controls are slightly different. Hold L2 to post up, then hold R2 and flick that right stick up before letting go swiftly.



Advanced Jabs and Follow-ups

So you’ve mastered the basic jab, but you want to add some flair? Depending on which foot you’re pivoting on, you can mix up your jabs. Plus, after a jab step, hit ’em with an explosive behind-the-back move. You’ll leave them eating your dust.


Use that jab step to keep your opponent guessing. Make ’em think you’re driving to the basket, then pull up for a jumper instead. Or, just buy some time to call for a screen or let the play unfold.


Just remember, once you start dribbling, your jab step options are gone. So, make it count!


And don’t forget about the Pro Stick. It’s your key to consistent shooting and gives you more wiggle room with your shots. You’re always ready to let it rip.


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