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NBA 2K24: How to Do Quick Scoop Layup

NBA 2K24: How to Do Quick Scoop Layup

Introduced in NBA 2K24, the Quick Scoop Layup ain’t something you saw in 2K23. This move is clutch because it catches the D off guard. They ain’t expecting it. Think of it like a surprise crossover but going to the hoop. Plus, if you’re in the paint deep, chances are you’re drawing that and-one when defenders get too close. It’s money.



Breaking It Down: How To Do The Quick Scoop Layup

  • Getting Started: You wanna be driving to the basket. You ain’t pulling this off from the three-point line, alright?


  • The Motion: Hold that right stick left or right. Which way? Check this -> if you’re driving on the right side and wanna keep it smooth, hold it to the left. And vice versa.


  • The Catch: Don’t be holding down that sprint button. This ain’t a dunk, bro. You gotta ease off that gas and go for the finesse.


  • Execution: As you’re moving, just lean with that stick and watch your player pull off that sweet, sweet scoop. Pop!!



Tips & Tricks

  • Variations: Depending on who you’re controlling, the execution might look a tad different. Kobe might have a different flair than, say, LeBron. But hey, that’s the beauty of it; it’s like adding your own flavor to a classic dish…


  • Defense Breaker: This move can really mess with defenders. They’re expecting a floater, maybe a hard drive, but hit them with that quick scoop, and you’re bound to get some oohs and aahs.


  • And-Ones: If they get too close and there’s some body-to-body action, there’s a high chance you’re getting that whistle. That’s easy points on the board, my guy.


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