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NBA 2K24: How to Turn Off Commentary


When you’re getting down with NBA 2K24, it’s like stepping right onto an NBA court, complete with everything from the intense crowd noise to the in-depth commentary breaking down every move on the hardwood. It’s legit, but maybe you’re after a different kind of vibe – less talk, more action, just the sweet sounds of the game without the play-by-play chatter. No problem, we’ve got just the thing. Here’s the lowdown on how to switch off the commentary, so you can focus on the ball bouncing, the sneakers squeaking, and the crowd going wild.



Step into Settings

Step one, you gotta bounce into the game’s settings. You can find them right from the main menu or mid-game by hitting that pause button on your controller.


Whether you’re on pause or chilling at the main menu, be on the lookout for the “Settings” or “Options” menu. Should be an icon that looks like a gear.



Tweak the Audio

Now, in the settings, you’ll want to scout out the “Audio” section. Click that and welcome to your sound studio, where you can mix the game’s audio to your liking.


Among the sliders, you’re looking for the one labeled “Commentary Volume.”



Turning Off the Commentary

Time to cut the mic – take the “Commentary Volume” slider and push it all the way to the left, bringing it down to zero. There, the in-game commentary is now off the air.


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After moving the slider, make sure to lock in your changes; you can do this by selecting “Apply” or “OK”, or just backing out of the menu which should auto-save the changes you made.



Back to the Court

With your changes saved, you can get back to the action. You’ll notice that the commentators are out, leaving you with just the pure sounds of the game and the crowd.



Audio Customization

Remember, while you’re dabbling in the audio settings, there are plenty of other sound elements you can play around with to perfect your game ambiance. Turn down the sound effects, tweak the crowd volume, or switch up the in-game music – the choice is yours. NBA 2K24 even offers a few preset options you can experiment with.


Making these changes won’t throw off your gameplay. NBA 2K24 doesn’t rely on vital audio cues, so you won’t miss any key info by tweaking the sound settings.


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