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NBA 2K24: How to Activate Team Takeover

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What’s Team Takeover?

If you ain’t heard about it yet, Team Takeover is this dope feature in NBA 2K24 that turns your whole squad into beasts on the court, all at once. Think of it like the team huddle where everyone’s hype level just skyrockets. It’s about bringing up the whole squad, not just a single player.



Filling Up the Meter

To light up Team Takeover, you need to fill up the Takeover meter. And no, this ain’t your personal meter, this is the group fund. The overall performance of your squad is what gets this meter ticking. It’s kinda like the squad’s average report card. Everyone’s gotta pull their weight to make the grade, ya know?


Everyone has a slice of this pie to fill. And don’t think it’s all about making buckets. The whole game counts. Dish out assists, snag rebounds, block shots, all that good stuff adds up.



Push the Button

When your meter’s all filled up and it’s showtime, all you gotta do is click the right stick (R3 for PlayStation, RS for Xbox). This is the golden buzzer moment, baby!



Boom Goes the Dynamite

Once you hit that button, Team Takeover mode is activated and it’s go time. Everyone on your team gets to rock their primary Takeover. Now everyone’s playing at their best, all at the same time.


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