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NBA 2K24: How to Do a Dream Shake (Up and Under)

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Yo, hoopsters! Buckle up ’cause we’re bout to dive deep into one of the gnarliest moves on NBA 2K24 – the Dream Shake, aka the Up and Under. This move, made famous by Hakeem ‘The Dream’ Olajuwon, is a deadly weapon in your arsenal, and it’s time to unlock it!



Breakin’ Down the Dream Shake (Up and Under)

Alright, let’s get the basics down first. The Dream Shake is a slick post move where you’re all about that fake out. You’re going to bait your opponent with a fake post fade, then slide in for the layup. Sounds dope, right? But mastering it? That’s where the grind comes in.



Throwing Down the Dream Shake:

Time to get your hands dirty, folks. Here’s how to lay down the Dream Shake in NBA 2K24:


  • Post Up: First off, you gotta set up shop near the rim. Hold down LT (or L2 on PlayStation). You don’t wanna be trying this from the cheap seats.


  • Fake It Till You Make It: Next up, you’re gonna fake a post fade. Pull the left stick back from the rim and hold X (or Square on PlayStation). But here’s the catch – let go before you launch your shot. Your goal is to make your defender think you’re going up for the fade.


  • Go for the Gold: Now, for the final act. After your defender takes the bait, push the left stick towards the hoop and hit X (or Square) again. If all goes well, you’re cruising past your man and up for a sweet layup.



Pro Tips for the Dream Shake:

  • Sell Your Story: The real power of the Dream Shake comes from selling that fake. Make sure your timing is spot on when you let go of X (or Square). You gotta make ’em believe!


  • Mind Your Spot: Your position on the court matters. Don’t try pulling this off from deep. Keep it close to the rim where it’s believable.


  • Draw Some Contact: The Dream Shake ain’t just for scoring, you can use it to draw fouls. If your man takes flight trying to block your fake, they’re probably coming down with a foul.


  • Shake It Up: For the real heads, try out a double fake. Go one way then the other before you make your move. This ain’t for the faint of heart but pull it off, and it’s straight fire.


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