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NBA 2K24: How to Skip Cutscenes


Ain’t no denying, NBA 2K24 packs a punch with gameplay that gets your blood pumping and cutscenes that crank up the drama. Those cutscenes ain’t just for show, they add some serious spice to your NBA journey. But after logging more hours than you’d admit to your buddies, you might be ready to cut the fluff and get back to the court. This guide right here? It’s got the hookup on how to slide past those cutscenes like a pro.


Before we start dribbling, let’s get one thing straight: NBA 2K24 is down with you skipping the chit-chat and cutscenes. This handy feature is a godsend for ballers who wanna stick to the action, not wade through a sea of stories.



How to Skip Cutscenes in NBA 2K24

Got yourself wrapped up in a cutscene when you’re itching to swish some threes? Easy fix. If you’re an Xbox One or Xbox Series X player, the ‘A‘ button is your best friend. PlayStation crew on PS4 or PS5, you’re reaching for the ‘X‘ button. Hold that button down until you see a red circle fill up around the ‘X‘/’A‘, and voila, you’re back in the zone.


No beating around the bush here: there ain’t a limit to how often you can skip, and you won’t catch any penalties for it either. But don’t get it twisted, if you’re always hitting fast forward on these scenes, you’ll miss out on some of the narrative juice, like watching your player rise from an underdog to MVP status.


Listen up, it’s your game, your rules. If you’re game to skip the cutscenes, then power to you. But don’t forget, even if you’ve been around the NBA 2K block, these cutscenes ain’t just reruns. They’re dropping a fresh narrative each year, telling the tale of your player’s rise to the top. So don’t sleep on these cutscenes, you might just miss out on a story worth telling.


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