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NBA 2K24 – How Do You Mute Your Opponent’s Microphone During a Match


NBA 2K24, like any online multiplayer game, can turn into a full-blown gabfest. Sometimes, you’ve got the cocky players talking up a storm about their mad skills. Other times, you’ve got the sore losers doing nothing but griping about how they got beat. And let’s not forget the folks who just can’t help themselves from running their mouths nonstop. In those times when all you want is to enjoy a chill game in peace, NBA 2K24 has got you covered with a pretty nifty feature: muting your opponent’s microphone.



How to Hush the Hustle and Bustle

Pause the Action: To kick things off, hit that “Start” or “Options” button on your controller to pause your game. No need to rush, the clock’s stopped.


Dive into the Options: Next up, in the pause menu, you’ll spot the “Options” menu. This is your go-to spot for all things game settings. Go ahead and step in.


Scope Out the Audio Settings: Inside the “Options” menu, you’re looking for a section labeled “Audio Settings“. This is your sound control hub for the game.


Turn Down the VOIP Volume: Once you’re chilling in the “Audio Settings“, find the “VOIP Volume“. VOIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, is the techy term for online voice chatting. Want to cut out the gab? Just slide this setting down to zero.


Boom, that’s it! You’re now playing in a blissfully quiet game environment, free from your opponent’s chatter. Just a heads up though, this setting only applies to the current game. If you kick off a new match and still want to keep things on the down-low, you’ll need to repeat these steps.


And for my PS5 players, there’s a sweet little workaround you can use to make sure you don’t hear any other players, and they don’t hear you either. Here’s the lowdown on completely disabling game chat audio.



PS5: Silencing Game Chat

Hit the PlayStation Button: Push the PlayStation button on your controller to pull up the quick menu.


Navigate to Game Base: Skim through the quick menu until you find “Game Base“. Pop on in.


Choose Game Base Settings: Once you’re hanging out in Game Base, hit the options button on your controller and choose “Game Base Settings“.


Look for Voice Chat Settings: Inside Game Base Settings, you’ll find an option called “Voice Chat Settings“. Click on it.


Enable Disable Game Chat Audio: In here, you’ll spot “Disable Game Chat Audio“. Flip it on, and you’re all set.


This setting will make it so you won’t hear the other players in the game chat, and they won’t hear you either. Complete radio silence. Just note that this doesn’t affect party chats, so you can still shoot the breeze with your friends in your party.


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