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NBA 2K24: How to Break Ankles


Sup ballers? You ever see those highlight reels where your favorite NBA superstar breaks the defender’s ankles, making them look like they’re on skates, and you just wish you could do the same in NBA 2K24? Today, we’ll be dropping some knowledge on how to send your virtual opponents to the hardwood.



What You Gonna Need

Before we get into the dirty details, let’s talk about what you need to stock up on to be an ankle-breaking machine. It ain’t just about the fancy tricks and flips, you need some serious badges and the right animations to make it all work.


Badges: Space Creator and Ankle Breaker. You’re going to want these bad boys cranked up as high as they can go – we’re talking Gold, but if you can get ’em up to Hall of Fame, even better. These are your bread and butter, the key to unlocking your ankle breaking potential.


Animations: The most important animation you need is “Hop Jumper Number Normal 2”. On top of that, having fast crossovers and wide behind-the-back moves in your arsenal will help big time. Think Westbrook-style crossovers and Lillard-like behind-the-back moves. These guys are your inspiration.


Takeovers: Double Ankle Breaking Shots takeover is your best friend here. Sure, you can break some ankles with play take and without any takeover, but if you’re serious about being an ankle breaker, you’ll want to stick with this one.



The Techniques

Here are the techniques you gotta master to consistently break ankles:


Take Over technique: This one’s the easiest of the lot, perfect for those just starting out in the ankle-breaking game. The key here is to get your defender backpedaling. You want to run straight at ’em, and the moment you see them leaning back on their heels or turning their body even slightly, that’s your cue. Hold down Sprint and push the right stick down. You can either follow through with the step back or dribble out into a different shot. Either way, if you time it right, you’ll have your defender on the floor.


Snatch Back technique: This one’s a fan favorite, mainly because it works a treat when the defender’s coming at you sideways or trying to cut you off. Let your player stand still, then hold down Sprint while you flick your right stick up and your left stick down. This’ll get your player doing a snatch back that’ll leave your defender in the dust.


Momentum Back technique: This one’s a bit trickier, but trust me, it’s worth the effort. You start with a series of hesitations by flicking the right stick towards the ball hand. If the defender bites, hold Sprint and flick the right stick diagonal down to the opposite ball hand. Before the animation’s even done, hold the left stick up and to the opposite of the ball hand. For the best escape maneuver, aim to imitate that of Kyrie Irving.


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