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NBA 2K24 – How to Play with Friends Online

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Hey there, NBA 2K24 players! You’re probably wondering how to get a Quick Game going with your buddies, right? Let’s break it down:



Start it up:

Kick off by launching NBA 2K24. You’ll land in the main menu. Check out the bottom left corner and you’ll see the ‘Play Now‘ button. Click it and you’re on your way.



Head to the Locker Room:

Things have changed a bit in NBA 2K24. The old ‘Play with Friends‘ tab? Gone. But no sweat. Just click on ‘Quick Play’ to enter the player locker room.



Get your friends in:

You’re in the locker room now, ready to invite some friends. Look down to the bottom left of your screen. See the option to invite friends? Just push down on the Right Stick on your controller and your friends list will show up.



Pick your friends:

Time to pick who you want to invite. Use X on your Xbox controller or square on PS4 or PS5 to select them. Invite one friend or a bunch, it’s up to you. If you’re having trouble finding someone, you can search for them or even invite them straight from a club.



Send out the invites:

Chosen all your friends? Great! Now just hit the Menu button. This sends out your invites. When your friend accepts, you’ll see their name pop up below yours on the left side of the screen.



Want more friends in?:

If you want to invite more friends, just repeat the steps above. Click the Right Stick, select more friends, and confirm your choices.


And that’s the rundown! Quick Games are a killer way to get some practice in and have a blast, especially when you’re playing against your friends instead of AI. So rally the crew, enjoy the game, and ball out!


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