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NBA 2K24: How to Do the Free Throw Line Dunk

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Yo, what’s good, 2K fans? Everyone knows one of the flyest, most unforgettable dunks in NBA history is the iconic free throw line dunk. Popularized by the one and only Michael Jordan, it’s the kind of jam that has the crowd leaping off their seats and your friends spamming that screenshot button. So, if you’re tired of watching your pals flex on you with that sick dunk in the Park or Rec, it’s about time you master it and send them packin’. Let’s dive deep into how you can replicate this in NBA 2K24!!



Bag that MJ Signature Dunk Package

Before you even think about floating from the free throw line, you gotta have the right tools. Go to ‘Animations’ in MyCAREER and cop that Michael Jordan signature dunk package. Make it your primary dunk package and, for max frequency, disable other purchased dunks or signature dunk packages.



School’s in Session: Practice Time

Now, ain’t nobody mastering that dunk overnight. Slide over to the Gatorade Gym or any empty court and get your reps in. Familiarize yourself with the take-off, that crucial step by the free throw line, and perfect that timing.



The Execution

Ready to take flight? Start at the top of the key or the 3 PT line. Boost with RT (or R2 if you’re on that Playstation grind). Right when you’re hitting the free throw line, slam X (or Square for the PS fam) while directing the Left Stick straight at the hoop.


Pro tip: Using the right stick and holding it down is a game-changer for some players. Try both methods and see which gives you that perfect MJ hang time.



Some Essential Tidbits:

  • Requirements: You need a minimum of an 88 driving dunk and gotta be under 6’10”. Make sure your player fits the mold.


  • Badge Requirements: Get that Limitless Takeoff badge to at least silver. Silver’s the sweet spot to activate that free throw line dunk magic.



A Little NBA History:

Man, we can’t talk about this dunk without paying homage to its roots. While a few have tried, the free throw line dunk is synonymous with Michael Jordan. His Airness first pulled it off in the 1985 Slam Dunk Contest and left everyone’s jaws on the floor. It wasn’t just a dunk; it was a statement. Dominique Wilkins, MJ’s main competition, said it was over after seeing that dunk. Since then, a few brave souls like Brent Barry and Zach LaVine have tried and nailed the free throw line dunk in dunk contests, but MJ’s will always be iconic.


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