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NBA 2K24: How to Shoot Free Throws


Every baller in NBA 2K24 has got their skills and swag, including free throws. But remember, not all ballers are cut from the same cloth when it comes to the charity stripe. Some might have the form of Steph Curry, while others might have a stroke more reminiscent of Shaq – you feel me? Your player’s free throw game will depend on their ratings, so don’t sweat it if you can’t hit every free throw with every player – some are just naturally better.



Meter Matters

The shot meter – it’s your lifeline in a tight game, your secret weapon to nailing those free throws. You’ve got this hustling white bar you’ve gotta freeze at the jackpot – the green zone or close enough to make your shot count. And just like a baller scopes out the court, you’ve gotta vibe with this meter – it’s about catching that beat, riding the wave, and letting go at the sweet spot to watch that ball swish through the hoop.



Dropping Dimes from the Line

Now let’s get down to brass tacks. Here’s how you can start making it rain from the free-throw line.



Method 1: Timed Method

This method is all about having ice in your veins and timing your shot just right.


  • If you’re balling on a PS4/PS5, hold down the Square button, or if you’re hoopin’ on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S, keep that X button pressed to get the shot meter running.


  • That white bar in the shot meter will start climbing faster than LeBron on a fast break.


  • Now here’s the trick – you gotta release the button at just the right time. We’re talking when the white bar hits the green or gets real close. Release too early or too late, and you’ll brick it.


Quick Tip: The size of your shot meter can make a world of difference when shooting free throws. Try tweaking the shot meter size in the settings. You might find that a bigger shot meter helps you nail the timing.



Method 2: Right Stick Method

If the timed method isn’t your jam, the right stick method might be more your speed.


  • To get started, pull that right stick straight down. This gets the shot meter going.


  • You’ll see that white bar in the shot meter start to rise.


  • To make it splash, push the stick straight up when the white bar is near or in the green zone.


Quick Tip: Each baller in the game has their own unique free throw style and rhythm. Some might have a quick flick, others take their sweet time. So get down with the rhythm of the players you roll with the most, to boost your odds of sinking that shot.


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