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NBA 2K24: How to Play Trivia

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NBA 2K24 isn’t just about ruling the hardwood. This game’s got some slick off-the-court action too! Right at the top of the list? The Trivia game, a fast-paced knowledge throwdown where you can dunk on your buddies with your smarts. Want the inside scoop on how to bring the heat? Sit tight, ’cause here’s the play-by-play!



1. Head to Trivia

First things first, you gotta get to the right place. From the game’s main screen, hit up “MyCareer” to kick things off. Then, cruise on over to “Neighborhood” – think of it as NBA 2K24’s virtual hangout spot where you and other players chill.


Got that? Good. Now, in Neighborhood, hit the left D-pad on your controller – that’ll bring up your in-game smartphone.



2. Spot the Trivia App

Time to open up your phone apps. You’re looking for one with an X logo – the X Trivia app. Scroll down until you find it and give it a click to start the fun.



3. Join the Trivia Showdown

Here’s the real deal – the Trivia game isn’t always on call. You need to jump in daily, but make sure it’s before 9:00 p.m. ET. That’s when the knowledge showdown kicks into high gear!



4. Time to Crush Those Questions

Once you’re in, get ready for a rapid-fire round of multiple-choice questions. They cover everything from basketball, history, and even some random stuff thrown in for kicks. And you gotta be quick, ’cause you’ve only got a few seconds to lock in your answer.


Choosing your answer’s a breeze. Just move the left stick or the D-pad towards the answer you’re vibing with, and press X (PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 5) or A (Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S).


And remember, folks, speed’s the name of the game here. Stay sharp, think fast, and you’ll be schooling your opponents in no time!


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