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NBA 2K24: MyPLAYER Attributes Explained

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Yo, ballers! If you’re tryna level up in NBA 2K24 and wanna get the deets on how to make your MyPLAYER the GOAT, you’re in the right place. We’ve got the lowdown on all the attributes to help you break ankles and splash those deep threes.



Finishing Up Close and Personal

Close Shot:

When you’re in the paint, you gotta have that finesse. This ain’t just about slam dunks; sometimes it’s the soft touch around the rim. Whether you’re flipping up a gentle floater or looking to connect on a standing alley-oop, this attribute’s essential for those close counters.



Driving Layup:

Attacking the rim with momentum? You’ll need your driving layup game on point. This stat determines your success rate for those contested and fancy layups. Whether you’re looking to finish with a Eurostep or a reverse, this is your go-to attribute.



Driving & Standing Dunk:

Wanna posterize some fools? Elevate your game by boosting this. But also, remember those times when you’re just chilling under the basket? Make sure you can throw it down standing still too.



Post Control:

Big man moves! If you’ve got dreams of being the next Hakeem with those dream shakes or wanna back down like Shaq, your post control needs to be tight. Dictate play from the block, and keep those defenders guessing.



Light ‘Em Up: Shooting Skills

Mid-Range Shot:

That bread and butter. Not every shot’s a deep three or a close layup. You want that KD-like pull-up jumper? Then get this stat flying high.



Three-Point Shot:

Modern basketball 101: the deep ball is king. If you’re trying to emulate Steph or Dame, this attribute needs all the love.



Free Throw:

Games can be won or lost at the stripe. Pressure moments, crowd noise, but your free throw attribute keeps you cool, calm, and collected.



Crafting The Play: Playmaking

Pass Accuracy:

No sloppy turnovers! Whether it’s a no-look, behind-the-back, or a simple chest pass, keep that rock on a string and dish it with precision.



Ball Handle:

Handle the rock like Kyrie and leave defenders in a daze. This attribute not only keeps the ball safe but also allows you to break ankles.



Speed with Ball:

Push that fast break or just beat your man off the dribble. Speed kills, and with the ball, it’s a lethal weapon.



Lockdown! Defense & Rebounding

Interior & Perimeter Defense:

Whether you’re guarding the rim like Giannis or closing out on shooters like Kawhi, defense wins championships. Boost these to be a force on D.




Be a pest. Swipe those pockets, intercept passes, and transition from defense to offense in a heartbeat.




Timing is everything. Send those shots outta here and let them know the paint’s protected.



Offensive & Defensive Rebound:

Whether it’s a missed shot by your squad or the opps, you wanna be the first to that ball. Dominate the boards and get those extra possessions.



Physical Attributes: Your Athletic Foundation

Speed & Acceleration:

Outrun the competition. Whether it’s a straight sprint or quick first step, leave defenders playing catch-up.




Whether you’re battling for position or looking to finish through contact, strength is key. Be the immovable object or the unstoppable force.




You jumping out the gym or what? Whether it’s for those dunks, blocks, or rebounds, a good vert is essential.




Basketball’s a marathon, not a sprint. Ensure you’re as fresh in the 4th quarter as you were at tip-off.


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