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NBA 2K24 – Acceleration, Speed with Ball, or Speed: Which Attributes Really Matter?

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Yo hoopers, what’s poppin’? So, y’all wanna know the deal with these stats in NBA 2K24? Speed, Acceleration, or Speed with Ball – which one’s the real MVP when it comes to tearin’ up the court? I gotchu.



Speed – Not Just About The Dribble

First up, we got Speed. Now, word on the street might have you thinking Speed’s all about that dribble game. But nah, in 2K24, speed doesn’t impact your movement when you’ve got the ball in your hands. It’s wild, right?


But here’s where Speed comes in clutch: off the ball movement. That 99 speed? It’s dusting players with a 25-speed rating every time. And if that wasn’t enough, Speed’s also the key to those quick turns and sprints on the court. Whether you’re attacking or hustling back on D, Speed’s got you.




On to Acceleration. When you’re making that first move, especially off the dribble, acceleration is that secret ingredient. Players rocking max acceleration are hitting their stride 10% faster on those initial dribbles compared to the ones dragging with the minimum. But the twist? Post those first two dribbles, acceleration’s taking a backseat and letting ‘Speed with Ball’ shine.


One thing to note: Acceleration’s only about that on-the-ball life. No boosts when you’re off the ball, and definitely no help on those quick turns.



Speed with Ball – Keep That Momentum

Let’s chat about Speed with Ball. After those initial dribbles, when both players are tied with the same acceleration, Speed with Ball comes into play. That player boasting a 99 Speed with Ball rating? They’re pushing the pace and ending up 13% faster in the long run.


So if you’re the type looking to maintain momentum after getting into your dribble flow, Speed with Ball’s where you need to be looking.



Wrapping It Up

So where should you invest? If you’re a player who’s constantly off the ball, zipping around for those open spots, max out that Speed. For those who want to break ankles right from the start, Acceleration is your jam. And if you’re all about maintaining that momentum after getting into your dribble groove, it’s all about Speed with Ball…


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