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NBA 2K24: How to Off Ball Juke

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Breaking Down the Off Ball Juke

Understanding the Move

You ever watch the NBA and see those elite players moving all slippery off the ball, getting defenders twisted up like they’re at a salsa class? That’s the Off Ball Juke. When you don’t have the ball but you’re making moves as if you do, shaking defenders and creating space. It’s all about that craftiness, that sly fox action to keep defenders second-guessing.


Top players like Steph Curry, Kyrie Irving, even the Beard (James Harden) – these dudes have turned off ball moves into an art form. It ain’t just about flashy handles; it’s about what you do when the spotlight ain’t directly on you.



The Basics: Getting the Right Stick Right

Left Juke: Flick the right stick to the left and let go. It’s like telling your defender, “Hey, look over there!” Then you’re gone.


Right Juke: Do the opposite and flick that right stick to the right. Catch ’em sleeping, & they won’t know what hit ’em.



Practical Breakdown: Court Situations

Now, let’s break down how to utilize this in various in-game scenarios:


  • Creating Shooting Opportunities: Wanna pop a three like Dame? Off Ball Juke to create some space, receive the pass, and let it fly.


  • Cutting Lanes: When you’re looking to cut to the basket, an effective juke can give you that split second you need to get the ball and drive.


  • Setting Screens: After setting a screen, a quick juke can throw off your defender, letting you roll or pop effectively.



Advanced Tactics: Taking Your Juke to the Next Level

  • Combining Moves: An Off Ball Juke followed by a quick first step or a spin can leave defenders lost in the sauce. Mix & match, find combinations that work best for your playstyle.


  • Reading Defenders: Watch how defenders react to your jukes. If they’re biting hard, use it to your advantage. If they’re staying put, maybe it’s time to hit ’em with something different…


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