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NBA 2K24: How to Perform Speed Boost

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What’s Speed Boosting?

So, let’s kick things off with the basics: what’s speed boosting? Put simply, it’s a couple of slick dribble moves that can give you a quick burst of speed, letting you dash faster than usual for a short burst. It’s perfect for shaking off defenders and setting up some sweet scores.



How to Pull Off a Speed Boost

Step 1: Get the Ball Rolling

To start a speed boost, you’re gonna hold down RT (on Xbox) or R2 (on PlayStation) and then nudge the Right Stick upwards. This’ll get you dribbling on the spot, all ready to make your move.



Step 2: Choose Your Path

Next up, decide which way you’re gonna sprint. Flick the Right Stick in the direction you wanna go. So if you’re gonna sprint to the right, you flick it right, and vice versa.



Step 3: Make Your Move

Time to make your move. Start sprinting as soon as the ball touches your off-ball hand. To maximize this trick, always boost towards your ball-hand. Practice makes perfect, so keep at it until you’ve nailed this move.



How to Do a Double Input Cross with a Speed Boost

Adding a double input cross to your speed boost can really keep your opponents guessing. Here’s how to pull it off:



Step 1: Ball in Play

First things first, make sure the ball’s on the side you’re planning to attack from. So if you’re heading right, the ball should be in your right hand.



Step 2: Cross ‘Em Over

Now you’re gonna do a crossover. Hold the Left Stick diagonally down and the Right Stick diagonally up towards your off-ball hand at the same time. If you’re going right, push the sticks diagonally up/down left, and vice versa.



Step 3: Time to Sprint

As soon as the crossover animation kicks in, you’re gonna hold R2/RT and push down the left stick in the direction you want to sprint.



Practice Makes Perfect

Remember, this ain’t gonna come easy – it takes practice. Start off in training mode or easier matches to get the hang of it. It’s also worth noting that your player’s attributes, skill badges, and stamina can affect how well your speed boosts work. Keep an eye on your player’s energy levels and use speed boosting wisely.


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