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How to Perform the Spin Gather in NBA 2K24

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What’s the Spin Gather, and Who’s Rockin’ It in the NBA?

First off, what in the world is the Spin Gather? It’s not just a fancy name; it’s a slick move that leaves defenders staring at your back as you cruise in for the layup. Think about players like LeBron, Giannis, or Harden; these guys are masters at spinning off their defenders. It’s all about that smooth spin that gets you around your opponent and gives you an open look at the hoop.



How to Execute the Spin Gather: Xbox and PlayStation

Alright, now that you know what the Spin Gather is and who’s making it look easy in the NBA, it’s time to learn how to pull off this move in NBA 2K24.




  • Hold down RT (that’s the trigger) and double tap X, or


  • Rotate the stick clockwise and hold while you’re running down the court with the ball in your right hand.




  • Hold down R2 (get that trigger finger ready) and double tap Square, or


  • Same deal with the stick, rotate it clockwise and hold while driving that ball.


  • Either way works, but if you want to keep it easy-peasy, just go for that double tap.



Tips and Tricks for Mastering the Spin Gather

Now that you know the basics, here are some insider tips to turn you from a benchwarmer into a baller…


  • Know Your Player’s Side: You can spin gather on both sides, but knowing where your baller is on the court is key. Don’t just go spinning like a top out there.


  • Get Creative: Mix it up with dunks and layups. Fake out your defender, then drop a whoopsie layup on ’em. Or go in hard with a dunk. Your choice.


  • Watch for Fouls: You might even get fouled and pull an N1. That’s some highlight-reel action right there.


  • Avoid Offensive Fouls: The best part? You’re most likely not gonna get hit with an offensive foul or charge. Just spin off ’em, easy as pie.


  • Make it a Show: As a bonus, throw in a baseline spin move and watch the crowd go wild.


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