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How Does the Rep System Work in NBA 2K24

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Welcome Back, Rep System!

The 2K community has been loud and clear, and 2K’s been listening. After being MIA for a minute, the rep system is back and better than ever in NBA 2K24’s MyCareer mode. And guess what?? It’s exclusive for the next-gen console squad—so if you’re on the PS5 or Xbox Series X|S, you’re in for a wild ride.



Levels and Tiers

Let’s break down the levels real quick. You start off as a Rookie and there are three tiers within that:


  • Rookie I


  • Rookie II


  • Rookie III


From there, you elevate to “Starter” status:


  • Starter I


  • Starter II


  • Starter III


Then, you hit “Veteran” if you’ve been grindin’ like you’re supposed to:


  • Veteran I


  • Veteran II


  • Veteran III


TOP 10: This is the ultimate. Make it here, and you’re legit NBA 2K royalty…



The Setting: Beachside City and Affiliates

The game’s taken a total 180 from NBA 2K23. Now, all the action’s happening in a fresh Beachside City. Plus, the affiliation system’s gotten a makeover. In NBA 2K24, you’ve got two affiliates to ride with:


  • Rise: All about that Atlantis vibe.


  • Elite: Straight from the future. High-tech and slick.


Every player will start without an affiliation, but eventually, you’ll have to pick a side. Choose wisely because this will influence your seasonal grind. Plus, completing challenges will bag you some dope rewards. Just remember, if you switch your affiliation, your reps reset. Stay loyal or risk it for the biscuit!



The Grind Never Stops

Your goal? Become a legend. Start as a rookie, level up and shoot for that elusive Top 10 spot… Hitting the Top 10 doesn’t just give you bragging rights; it hooks you up with exclusive rewards… But don’t trip! If you’ve earned your reps, they won’t reset every season, unless you switch up your affiliate. Loyalty matters!



Tracking Your Rep Progress

Wanna keep tabs on how you’re doing? Head over to the neighborhood tab and hit up ‘MyRep.’ You can check out where you stand, see how close you are to leveling up, and even peep the prizes for each rep level. Keep that grind up, fam!



Getting Your Rep Up

  • Rec Games: One of the OG ways to stack Rep/XP. If you’re feeling the Drew League vibe, the Rec’s where it’s at. Longer games = more chances to build your stats and watch that XP meter explode. Win streaks? You’ll be leveling up in no time.


  • If you’re not about that Rec life or just want some 3-on-3 action, hit up the matchmaking games. They’re quick, no waiting, and you’ll be on the court in a flash. For those on next-gen, check out “The Theater” in The City. Every Friday, they switch up the game styles, so you won’t get bored.


  • Good Teammate Grade: The real MVP! Boost your TG by playing solid D, snagging boards, dropping dimes, and being that all-around team player. Hit a B or higher and watch your XP meter fly…


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