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How to Buy & Equip Accessories in NBA 2K24 MyCareer

How to Buy & Equip Accessories in NBA 2K24 MyCareer

Yo, what’s poppin’, ballers? You trying to get that fresh look for your MyCareer player in NBA 2K24? I gotchu. Let’s get straight into this drip lesson so you can flex on the court with the illest gear.



Where to Cop that Fire Gear?

Aight, first thing’s first, you gotta know where to drop those VC (Virtual Currency) coins. Forget all those other stores from the past games. 2K24 went hard and added Dick’s Sporting Goods in the mix. Yeah you read that right… It’s in the game now, and it’s mad legit.


NBA 2K24 Dicks Sporting Goods



Sifting through the Goods

When you first slide into the store, you might be like “Bruh, where the gear at?” ‘Cause, real talk, they be showing you some random stuff upfront. But, patience is key, fam. Scroll down a bit, past all the random stuff, and boom  – you’ll land straight into basketball accessory heaven. Headbands, arm wear, and all the fancy jazz – they got it all. But, heads up, some of these might be a lil’ overpriced, but hey, fashion has its price, right?



Copping that Merch

Found that piece that screams ‘YOU’? Bet. Now, hit that purchase button. It’s a smooth process. Just pick your item, throw it in the cart, and check out. Make sure you’ve got enough VC though, don’t wanna bounce a virtual check, right?



Decking Out Your Player

Once you’ve copped your gear, here’s the tricky part, but no stress, I gotchu step by step:


Step Back: Once you’ve got your stuff, it won’t let you equip it straight away. Weird flex, but okay. Step outta the store, take a breather, let the world see you’re about to bring the heat.


Dig into the Settings: Once you’re out, hit up the game’s options or settings. Navigate to that “my player” section. From there, you’ll wanna slide over to “appearance.”


Get Dressed: Once you’re in, head to the relevant section. Say you copped an arm band? Head to that “left arm” section or wherever it belongs. Now, hit that equip button. Boom, your player’s look just got a whole lot fresher.


Mix & Match for Different Modes: Remember, where you ball matters. Whether you’re playing in Pro-Am, rocking the Encore, hitting up the Rec or chilling in Club 2K, make sure your gear is set right for each.



Show Off & Ball Out

Now that you’re decked out, hit the court and make ’em heads turn. Whether you’re sinking threes, throwing alley-oops, or crossing over fools, do it in style.


One Last Thing: After you’ve swagged out your MyCareer player and you’re feeling yourself, don’t forget to hit up socials, share your new look, get those likes and flex on ’em all…


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