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NBA 2K24: MyCAREER Tips & Tricks for Beginners

NBA 2K24: MyCAREER Tips & Tricks for Beginners

What’s good, hoop heads? If you’ve copped NBA 2K24 and are diving into MyCAREER mode, you’re in for a treat. With more mechanics, features, and gyms to explore -> there’s a lot to digest… Fear not; I got y’all with the inside scoop on how to level up in the game and get those badges shining. Let’s get it!



Badge Upgrades at the Team Practice Facility

First things first, make your way over to the team practice facility. If you’re sweating about your badges going down, chill! When you’re grinding out drills, badges don’t dip – they only rise. So if you mess up? No sweat, your progress stays safe. Grind those drills, and watch your badges shoot up.



Chris Brickley’s Gym & Art of Shooting

Chris Brickley’s Gym: Right here is where the magic happens. Step inside, and you can flex in 3v3 or 5v5 games. As you ball out, your badges elevate. And remember, they only go up in these gyms. No Ls here.


Art of Shooting Gym: Bet you didn’t know about this hidden spot. It’s once-a-week access, but it’s worth the wait. This joint gives you like 3x or 4x on your badge upgrades. Basically, it’s like hitting the turbo button for badge progression.



Gatorade Training Facility – Not Just for Sips

Aside from quenching your in-game thirst, the Gatorade training facility is a must-visit spot. You can grind out workouts here and focus on specific badge upgrades. If you’re eyeing the ‘bulldozer’ badge, you gotta hit that bench press. And as a bonus, you can morph your player’s physique. Go from scrawny to buff, or anywhere in between. Plus, the more workouts you beast through, the more body types you unlock. Flex on ’em!



Joining Affiliations: Rise vs. Elite

When you kick off MyCAREER, you got choices. Link up with Shakedown at Rise or chop it up with Chris Manning at Elite. Depending on your pick, you’ll have some tasks to knock out. Think 50 assists, securing A- (or maybe B-) game grades, or getting a set number of points and wins. Lock those in, and you’ll unlock the daily rewards from either Rise or Elite. Speaking of which, for those of y’all wondering about the daily spin – it ain’t gone, fam. You just gotta rep an affiliation first.



Mamba Mentality Badge: Kobe’s Legacy

Honoring the legend, the Mamba Mentality badge is one you gotta strive for. Unlike just having a dual takeover, this badge blesses you with all takeovers at once. How to snag it? Grind out specific quests like the ‘decelerator’ at Berkeley’s gym, handle your business at the ‘art of shooting’ facility, and dominate other challenges. Secure the badge, and let the Black Mamba’s spirit guide your game.



Master Your Hot Zones

Your shot’s gonna be ice cold unless you get familiar with your hot zones. Head over to the Art of Shooting facility, holla at Lethal Shooter (Chris Matthews), and start those drills. You choose the zones, put up the shots, and watch your game elevate.



Streetball at Sunset Park

Looking to switch things up? Slide over to Sunset Park and get down with some streetball. Not only will you rack up VC and badge progress, but you’ll also get your hands on some fresh gear. Stay consistent, and you can knock out daily and weekly challenges for even more rewards.



Virtual Currency (VC) Grind

Stash that Cash: Alright, fam, the VC grind is real! It’s the lifeblood of MyCAREER. Whether it’s upgrading your player or copping that fresh fit from Swag’s, VC is the key. So, participate in endorsement deals, knock out those MyCAREER games, and don’t sleep on that daily login bonus. Every VC counts!



Chemistry 101: Teammate Connection

Link Up: Building chemistry ain’t just about sliding into DMs. On the court, it’s crucial. The better rapport you got with your teammates, the smoother the plays. When that chemistry’s high, the alley-oops, the give-and-gos, and those backdoor cuts? All silky smooth. So, pass that rock, get those assists, and celebrate those big plays with the squad.



MyCOURT Sessions

Hoop Dreams: When you ain’t grinding on the big stage, hit up MyCOURT. It’s your personal playground. Here you can practice your jump shots, hone your dribble moves, or just chill with the crew…



Off-Day Shenanigans

Explore & Engage: On your off-days, don’t just Netflix and chill. Hit the neighborhood! Whether it’s fishing at the docks, skating around, or hitting up interviews and endorsement gigs, every activity gets you something – VC, fans, or just straight-up good times.



Customize Your MyPLAYER

Stylin’ & Profilin’: Ain’t nobody wanna look basic out there. Dive into the customization options. Tattoos, kicks, hairstyles – make your MyPLAYER a reflection of you. And don’t just stop at looks. Adjust your shooting form, dribble animations, and even your celebration dances. When you break ankles and drop buckets, do it with style!



The Social Game

Slide into the DMs: As you build your rep, you’ll get messages from other players, legends, celebs, and brands. Engage! Sometimes it’s just chit-chat, but other times? It could lead to endorsement deals, events, or even unique challenges. Be alert, and don’t let those opportunities slide…


That’s the lowdown, squad. Dive into MyCAREER with this knowledge, and you’ll be running the league in no time. Stay ballin’, and catch you on the court!


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