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Pizza Tower – Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Pizza Tower - Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Pizza Tower is a wild ride on a 2D platform that’ll have you jumping, sliding, and pounding your way through a tower filled with monsters and pizza. Inspired by the Wario Land series, this game is all about speed, exploration, and racking up a high score. With its retro pixel art and energetic soundtrack, Pizza Tower will transport you back to the ’90s in style.


You’ll play as Peppino Spaghetti, a surprisingly agile and powerful, fat, balding Italian on a mission to take down the Pizza Tower and save his restaurant from destruction. As you follow Peppino on his rampage, you’ll collect toppings and take down monsters on each wacky floor of the tower.


In this guide, we’re gonna break down the default controls and give you some quick tips to help you master the game. From canceling SuperJumps to using weapons to your advantage, we’ve got you covered. So grab a slice, and let’s get started!



Keyboard Controls

Here’s the default control scheme in Pizza Tower.


Pizza Tower - Tips and Tricks for Beginners



Mach Tips

  • You can cancel a SuperJump by pressing the dash key midway in the air.


  • When getting at higher speed, you can drift to keep your momentum in another direction.


  • You can go even faster at maximum speed by holding down the direction you are facing.


  • Doing the grab move and holding down the dash key will make you start faster.



Weapon tips

  • Weapons allow you to take an extra hit without losing any points.


  • If you already have a weapon in hand, you can grab a second weapon to keep as backup.


  • The ground pound and grab attack have different behaviors depending on the weapon.


  • Pizza coins always have a chance of dropping when destroying normal bricks.



Fighting tricks

  • When holding an enemy, if you press down in the air you will do a piledriver.


  • Press left and right rapidly while holding an enemy to start spinning.


  • Hold up when doing a finishing blow to perform an uppercut and send the enemy upward.



Other quirks

  • By pressing down in the air while dashing, Peppino can do a dive that sends him straight down.


  • When doing a grab dash, pressing down will make you slide on the ground really fast.


  • Poppino can gain a tiny bit more air time by ground pounding.


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