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Thief Simulator 2: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Thief Simulator 2: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Get ready to dive deep into the shady realm of Thief Simulator 2! It ain’t just tiptoeing around like some newbie. You gotta vibe like a real hustler, prepping for those big scores.


After the buzz from the original, everyone’s been talking about Thief Simulator 2, and for good reason; not many games challenge you to start at the bottom and work your way to the top of the thieving ranks. You’re breaking into homes, snagging loot, evading security, and honing your craft. If you’re just getting started, here’s the lowdown:


  • At home, you’ve got a storage spot. Those items with the green tag? That’s your cash-in on Black Bay. Grab them and sell them online.


  • Crowbar gave out? No sweat. Jump on your computer, hit ‘Steel Gear’, and pick up another. You can’t upgrade, but you can freshen its look with a new shade.


  • While you’re out, you might stumble upon codes. Take note. Then, head to the parcel locker and punch in those numbers for some free goodies. Just a nifty trick the game doesn’t advertise.


  • Got a little extra cash? Think about investing in the Dark Bank. It boasts a 7% growth weekly. And the best part; You’re shielded from losses if you happen to get nabbed.


  • Every so often, check out Hell Neighbor. They’ve got side jobs that can net you some solid XP and cash, which can give you a nice boost.


  • Always have a thieving job lined up. I’m partial to the ‘grab an item’ missions – straightforward. If you’ve got binoculars, they’re invaluable for spotting goods through walls.


  • For the Forest Side Resort job, there’s a key hidden in a patch of grass. Find it, and you’re set for repeat visits.


  • Keep a stash of at least three lock picks, both basic and advanced. They come in handy. Running low? Get more through your phone.


  • Wearing a ski mask isn’t a bad idea. It helps you stay under the radar if things go south. If someone spots you, watch for posters with your mug around town – better tear those down to stay low-key.


  • Don’t forget to glance at the calendar; Gives you the scoop on town events. If there’s a parade or something, might be prime time for a job.


  • Don’t underestimate the skill tree. There’s more there than you might initially see – scroll through to uncover all the potential skills.


  • When you kick off the game pay attention to the hints on the bottom left. Some are super useful, and there’s a cryptic one about a demon baby. Curious now, huh?


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