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Powerwash Simulator Guide, Tips and Tricks for Newbies


Power Wash Simulator comes from a common job simulation genre that is ever-expanding in the niche. A power washer is available for both cleaning grime and cutting away at graffiti. With the help of a mouse wheel, you can also switch out its nozzles. A relaxing journey through cleaning is what Power Wash Simulator is all about.


There is no pressure to clean faster, and you can pretty much take advantage of the game by spraying with water. You can speed up the process with some interesting tricks and tips. Following are the tips & tricks that will help you a lot in the game.



1.  Choose Right Nozzle

By default, there are four primary nozzles included in the game. It would be best if you chose the nozzle that is most appropriate for your job.


  • 0-degree nozzle: The 0-degree nozzle is the strongest. This nozzle is capable of removing debris, graffiti, and sludge of all kinds.


  • 15- & 25-degrees nozzle: The two types are very similar, giving you more coverage with less power depending on which you choose. Those two nozzles are great for moving dirt and grime, so they’re likely to be used most often.


  • 40-degrees nozzle: With this, you can get all the dirt out of the way. After this, you can then choose the smaller nozzles and get deeper.



2.  Unlock Other Things

  • Besides power washers, there are nozzles and soaps to buy in the shop. A soap nozzle requires refilling and is expensive.


  • All other upgrades are permanent. Every time you buy a power washer, you have to rebuy the extension cord and soap dispenser.



3.  Upgrade Power Washer

  • It would be best if you got an upgraded power washer to use the 25-degree spray more often than the 15-degree spray and that your 15-degree spray is more potent. There may be a situation where one tire doesn’t get washed while you wash the classic car.


  • If you update your Steam version, you should resolve that issue for yourself. Also, make sure to wash the entire area and target the tire on the back.



4.  Check Condition Meter of Items

  • You can also inspect the state of your belongings. You can use the condition meter to see how good an item is.


  • A bar at the top left of the screen displays your object type and how much grime you still have left. Use this to see if something is already clean or if dirt is lurking beneath the surface.



5.  Earn Money

  • From each level, you earn a certain amount of money. Cash cannot be farmed, unfortunately. Savings are the only way to avoid wasting money on soap. Cleaning earns you cash, and that’s it. Just use the default kit in the game to take care of everything.


  •  When you reach the more critical levels later in the game, you probably won’t need soap if you complete all your upgrades. Saving money will be a great benefit as you can use the money later in the game.


We hope you found this guide helpful. Please let us know if you think we missed anything important in the comments section. We will update this guide as soon as your comment is approved.


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