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Crusader Kings 3: 10 Tips for Beginners

Crusader Kings 3: 10 Tips for Beginners

Crusader Kings 3 is an elaborate and immersive grand strategy game where you get to take charge of a medieval dynasty, shaping history through diplomacy, warfare, and clever tactics. Navigating the game’s many aspects and diverse gameplay methods can be daunting for beginners. Here are ten tips to help you truly enjoy your Crusader Kings 3 experience:



Focus on elevating your dynasty & its prestige

A crucial aspect of CK3 is strengthening your dynasty, the family line you represent in the game. Aim to boost its prestige to gain more power and influence. You can do this by marrying well, having children, and achieving great feats.



Harness the power of the “Council” system

Your ruling council in Crusader Kings 3 consists of advisors and courtiers who assist you in managing your kingdom and making important decisions. Choose council members wisely based on their skills and personalities, and use them to vote on critical matters.



Leverage your culture and religion

Your culture and religion significantly impact your success in CK3. They affect your relationships with other rulers and realms and can also grant you unique bonuses and abilities. Select a culture and religion that align with your goals and playstyle.



Make the most of your vassals

Vassals are rulers who have pledged their loyalty to you. They can be a great source of strength and resources but can also present challenges. Keep your vassals happy and use them to your advantage in wars & conflicts.



Plan ahead and seize opportunities from events

The world of Crusader Kings 3 is ever-changing, with various events and twists unfolding regularly. Stay on top of these events and plan for their potential impact on your gameplay.



Utilize the decision tab

The decision tab, found in the character menu, contains numerous actions your character can take, ranging from forming alliances to declaring war. Regularly check the decision tab and consider actions that would benefit your character and their objectives.



Capitalize on your character’s traits and abilities

Every character in Crusader Kings 3 possesses a unique set of traits and abilities that can give them an advantage in specific situations. Pay attention to your character’s traits and use them to your advantage as you play.



Employ espionage and assassination

Espionage and assassination can be valuable tools in CK3, particularly in challenging diplomatic or military situations. Use spies to gather intel about enemies and assassins to eliminate threats. However, exercise caution & avoid overusing these tactics, as they can have negative repercussions if discovered.



Manage your realm’s economy and infrastructure

A robust economy and well-developed infrastructure enable you to raise more troops, construct buildings, and boost your realm’s power & prestige. Invest in your realm’s economy by building markets and temples, and enhance your infrastructure with tradeports.



Take advantage of the technology tree

The technology tree in CK3 lets players unlock new buildings, units and other bonuses by spending research points. Acquire these points through various means, such as building structures, completing missions, or engaging in wars. Prioritize technologies that best suit your playstyle and offer the most significant bonuses.


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