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Crusader Kings III – Migrate to Pannonia

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Migrate to Pannonia

Migrate to Pannonia is a unique casus belli with special mechanics that can only be used once per game by characters of Táltosist faith who make the Prepare to Cross the Carpathians decision against characters in the Pannonian Basin region. If the Hungarian Migration game rule is set to Immediate the game will start with the casus belli being used by Grand Prince Álmos Ügyekfi of the Mogyër Confederation against King Boris of Bulgaria.


If the war ends in white peace the defender keeps his or her titles and if it ends in surrender the attacker’s factions will also gain discontent. If the war ends by enforcing demands however it will have the following effects:


  • Attacker gains all titles held by the defender in the Pannonian Basin region


  • Attacker gains the Kingdom of Hungary title, which replaces the Kingdom of Pannonia


  • Any other kingdom title held by the attacker is destroyed


  • Any held title that is not within the de jure realm of the Kingdom of Hungary is given to another character


  • All vassals that are not within the de jure realm of the Kingdom of Hungary become independent


  • All controlled counties convert to Mogyër culture and Táltosist faith


  • All previously controlled counties convert to Pecheneg culture


When the casus belli is used it will spawn the following army for as long as the attacking character lives:


Years 1 80 Levies 2 18 Horse Archers
867-889 3000 2000
890-904 5000 3000
905+ 6000 4000


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