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Crusader Kings III – Education Traits Guide

Crusader Kings III - Education Traits Guide

When reaching adulthood every character receives an education trait based on how their education focus went. Education traits grant a bonus to one skill as well as to the monthly experience gained in the Lifestyle associated with the trait.



Education Traits

Skill Trait Skill Monthly Skill Lifestyle Experience Description
Diplomacy  Naive Appeaser +2 +10% The Naive Appeaser has been somewhat educated in the art of diplomacy but is nevertheless more often an embarrassment to themselves and those around them than not.
 Adequate Bargainer +4 +20% Things often work out in favor of the Adequate Bargainer, but whether this is due to their skill in diplomacy or luck is up for debate.
 Charismatic Negotiator +6 +30% A master of persuasive rhetoric and the nuances of diplomacy; the Charismatic Negotiator is an excellent diplomat.
 Grey Eminence +8 +40% As familiar with the nuances of diplomacy as the back of their hand, the Grey Eminence is a master of the art.
Martial  Misguided Warrior +2 +10% The Misguided Warrior has received an education in the art of war, but is more likely to hurt themselves than their enemies.
 Tough Soldier +4 +20% The Tough Soldier has shown some prowess in martial matters, but still has a lot to learn.
 Skilled Tactician +6 +30% The Skilled Tactician is a reliable commander and fearsome warrior, renowned for their martial skill.
 Brilliant Strategist +8 +40% The battlefield is the domain of the Brilliant Strategist, and no martial matter is beyond their knowledge.
Stewardship  Indulgent Wastrel +2 +10% The Indulgent Wastrel received an education in stewardship to study the flow of money, but unfortunately the flow seems to go only one way…
 Thrifty Clerk +4 +20% The Thrifty Clerk is adequate when it comes to investments and administrations, but blunders in the art of stewardship are still the norm.
 Fortune Builder +6 +30% The Fortune Builder possesses a keen sense for all matters relating to stewardship and is an administrative force to be reckoned with.
 Midas Touched +8 +40% The Midas Touched is followed by success after success in the art of stewardship, displaying an indisputable mastery of the art.
Intrigue  Amateurish Plotter +2 +10% The Amateurish Plotter has had some education in the art of intrigue, but any knowledge in the art has eluded them.
 Flamboyant Trickster +4 +20% The Flamboyant Trickster has received an education in the art of intrigue, but still has a lot left to learn before mistakes and blunders become exceptions rather than the norm.
 Intricate Webweaver +6 +30% The Intricate Webweaver is a master of intrigue, manipulation, and secrecy.
 Elusive Shadow +8 +40% The Elusive Shadow has excelled as a master of intrigue, and the shroud of secrecy around them is second to none.
Learning  Conscientious Scribe +2 +10% Despite an education focused on learning the Conscientious Scribe shows little aptitude for the subject — at least they can read…
 Insightful Thinker +4 +20% The Insightful Thinker is adept at most matters theological, but sadly both actual skill and dedication seem to be lacking.
 Astute Intellectual +6 +30% The Astute Intellectual possesses a deep understanding of theology, philosophy, and all subjects of deeper learning.
 Mastermind Philosopher +8 +40% The Mastermind Philosopher possess an uncanny insight into all subjects of higher learning.
Prowess  Bumbling Squire +1 0 The Bumbling Squire is only technically a knight, remembering little from their formal training.
 Confident Knight +2 0 The Confident Knight is familiar with the ways of their culture’s traditional combat, even fighting a few actions against recalcitrant peasants as a teenager.
 Formidable Banneret +3 0 The Formidable Banneret led troops and fought bandits even before their majority, battle-hardened into a determined combatant.
 Famous Champion +4 0 The Famous Champion is known, respected, and perhaps even feared throughout the realm as a paragon of their culture’s warrior practices.


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