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Railway Empire 2: 18 Essential Tips and Tricks for Beginners

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Railway Empire 2 is an immersive game where players are invited to build and expand their own railway empire, a task that requires careful strategy, planning, and management. The key to victory isn’t just about mastering the game’s complex mechanics, but also skillfully leveraging those to your advantage. So, whether you’re a fledgling rail baron or a battle-hardened veteran, these 18 tips and tricks should assist you in building a lasting empire.


Invest in Special Wagons: Special wagons may involve an initial cost, but they can increase your trains’ carrying capacity, which in turn can increase profits over time.


Balance Your Wagon Use: Avoid running empty wagons but also don’t overload them. Overloading can cause a loss of speed and efficiency, while empty runs are simply lost profit. Finding the perfect balance will optimize your income.


Plan Routes Efficiently: Creating short, direct routes, especially for passenger and mail transport, can yield higher profits. Long and winding routes take more time and can prove less profitable.


Utilize Your Locomotives Wisely: Don’t sell off your old locomotives as they can still be useful. Make sure the type of goods a train is carrying aligns with its capabilities. Freight locomotives are ideal for heavy goods, express locomotives are best for passengers and mail, and mixed locomotives can carry both.


Maintenance and Supply: Every route should pass by at least one supply tower and maintenance depot to keep your trains running smoothly. This becomes especially important for longer routes, which may require several of each.


Optimal Route Distance: Avoid planning train routes that are more than double the straight-line distance between the start and end points. If a route exceeds this, it may not be cost-effective and might need reconsideration.


Maximize Route Occupancy: The more a train route is used, the more profitable it becomes. Try to keep all your routes busy to optimize revenue.


Consider Speed and Cost in Track Construction: While constructing tracks, be sure to set track points and adjust the height as necessary. However, remember that speed usually trumps low cost. Higher speed tracks might be more expensive but will return more profits in the long run.


Prudent Station Building: Construct new station tracks only when they’re necessary. Unnecessary station tracks waste valuable resources.


Centralize Supply Towers: If multiple train lines run parallel for a short distance, consider building a supply tower in that area to serve all the train lines, saving resources and ensuring efficiency.


Cost-effective Parallel Tracks: Building parallel tracks can be more cost-effective than constructing new ones. Ensure their directions are clearly defined to prevent confusion and collisions.


Smart Switch Placement: Place switches carefully. To ensure smooth operations, a switch connecting more tracks should be longer.


Minimize Unnecessary Stops for Express Trains: For express trains, lay bypass tracks around stations where they don’t need to stop. This reduces their travel time and increases efficiency.


Use Demolition Markers for Track Deletion: Use demolition markers to remove unnecessary track sections. This helps to keep your track layout neat and organized.


Invest in Your Cities: Upgrade your cities by investing in structures like universities and other enhancements. A prosperous city will attract more business and generate more revenue for your railway.


Utilize the Research Tree to Unlock New Technologies: Take full advantage of the research tree. Unlocking new technologies can provide significant benefits, like increasing the speed or capacity of your trains.


Character Traits and Interests: Each character possesses unique traits and interests. Understanding these can help you tailor your gameplay strategy to maximize your character’s abilities.


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