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SoulWorker Beginner’s Guide – Essential Tips and Tricks to Get You Started

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If you’re a fan of MMOs, there’s no shortage of games for you to choose from. Between FFXIV, The Elder Scrolls Online, and Black Desert Online, there’s something for every player’s tastes. But, if you’re looking to enjoy an awesome MMO without fronting a purchase or subscription fee, you’ve probably considered Soulworker. Soulworker is a stylish, free-to-play MMO that has tons of cool characters, awesome abilities, and a colorful anime art style. The game has been around in one form or another since 2016, but was recently re-launched in May 2021 and is available on Steam. If you’re looking to get in on the Soulworker action, I have a few tips in this Beginner’s Guide for potential new Soulworkers. If you’re ready, power up your anime skills and let’s get started!



  1. Grab Your Dailies

This is pretty basic if you’ve ever played an MMO before, but you should be logging in daily to at least grab the login items. Most of the items are common at the beginning, but once you’ve built up a good streak, you’ll get some pretty good, difficult to attain items for just a few seconds of your time. Especially if you’re new to Soulworker, these login items will be crucial to you as they will help you to progress through the game faster. Dailies are always implemented to drive engagement, but if you get heavily invested and end up playing the game every single day anyway, these items are just a bonus!



  1. Don’t Skip The Akashic Cards

With so many systems to keep track of, you might overlook the Akashic Card system in Soulworker. Don’t. These cards that you can obtain from missions, stores, and even as login rewards will provide you with either active or passive buffs, making them incredibly useful. Some of the Akashic skills can make or break some dungeon encounters! Plus, if you’re into card collecting, each card has unique art of a character and they’re fun to collect. You can bring up your Akashic Cards collection with the semi-colon key, so you can view, compare, and equip them.



  1. Keep Track Of Durability

In Soulworker, all of your equipment will degrade over time from use. This degradation will cause the effectiveness of your armor to decrease, and its abilities to cease. Your weapon’s attack power will also drop as its durability lowers. This obviously isn’t an ideal situation, so you’ll want to visit Zyte the blacksmith semi-frequently, so you can pay him to repair your equipment. On another note, this only applies to “gear” (armor) and weapons. You can also equip pieces of jewelry like rings, necklaces, and earrings, which will give you additional stat boosts.



  1. Think Twice About Selling Loot

Soulworker’s gameplay revolves around PvE dungeons which contain lots of loot crates and loot drops. So, you’ll be picking up a crazy amount of gear while you’re adventuring. In most games, your reflex would be to keep the awesome stuff and sell everything else so you can save up money for when you need it. But, Soulworker also has a large crafting component, which is hungry for materials. At Zyte, you can dismantle unwanted loot and receive its component parts, all things you will need for crafting down the road. If you start saving up materials instead of money, you’ll be in a better position for the endgame of Soulworker, so I would recommend dismantling over selling unwanted loot.



  1. Get Reward Items

If you get sucked into Soulworker’s world and end up playing it frequently, you’ll want to participate in the events that get posted regularly. Apart from being another way to invest time into the game, these events will usually have great, exclusive rewards for your character. Each event is only available for a limited time, so make sure to get in on them as soon as you can. Another great way to get reward items is through achievements. Most achievements will pop without you having to actively pursue them, like “Kill X number of enemies”. Others are more specific, and these are the ones with really good rewards. By the time you get to the endgame, you’ll be hunting down achievements for their sweet, sweet rewards.




There you go, future Soulworkers! I hope you found this guide helpful and that the tips found here get you through your introduction to the game. Soulworker is a great game and it deserves to have more players like you exploring its world and conquering its dungeons.


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