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Smalland: Survive the Wilds – 10 Essential Tips for Beginners


Smalland: Survive the Wilds is a captivating, immersive survival game that takes you on a wild ride where you’re the size of a tiny bug. In this adventure, you’ll explore, craft, build and throw down to stay alive in a world that feels enormous, filled with giant critters and sneaky hazards. If you’re new around these parts, this in-depth guide’s got your back with essential pointers to help you hit the ground running and crush it in the game.



Efficient Resource Gathering

To round up resources in a jiffy, just hold down the F key instead of tapping it like a madman. This will automatically collect everything in a generous area around you saving you time and letting you focus on more important tasks.



Crafting Your First Weapon

As a newbie, your go-to weapon should be the wooden sword. It’s pretty good against ants, which don’t take kindly to slashing damage. To forge this bad boy, you’ll need a build Hammer, a workbench, and the following materials: 10 fiber, 18 wood, and 5 resin.



Utilize Antenna Vision

Hit the V key to activate Antenna Vision, a nifty feature that highlights resources & highlights nearby foes. This will help you find hidden goodies, scope out enemy weaknesses, and get ready to rumble more effectively.



Always Carry Resources for a Workbench

When you’re out exploring the wilds of Smalland, make sure you’ve got enough supplies to whip up a temporary workbench. This lets you fix your gear without trekking back to your home base. Keeping your stuff in tip-top shape will save you time and hassle in the long run.



Protect Your Structures from Exposure Damage

Crafting stations and chests can get wrecked by the elements if you leave them out in the open. To dodge this headache, just throw a roof over those bad boys, and they’ll be safe and sound.





Prepare for Storms

When you see a storm warning, take cover or you’ll be in a world of hurt. Keep some wood and fiber handy to build a quick-and-dirty shelter with a foundation, a single wall, and a roof. This will keep you safe from the storm’s wrath.



Save Berries for Potion Crafting

In Smalland, you’ll stumble upon two types of berries. Fight the urge to munch on ’em and save them for brewing potions instead. Stockpiling these berries will let you whip up essential potions like stamina potions, which will be a lifesaver as you delve deeper into the game.



Set and Utilize Spawn Points

By placing a bed and activating it, you can set a spawn point. To zip back to your base in no time, just log out and log back in, and you’ll respawn at your designated point. This nifty trick saves you time and effort when you’re out exploring the massive world of Smalland.



Make Use of Mounts

Smalland has mounts to help you get around easier and explore the lay of the land. The best part? These critters don’t take fall damage, so you can safely scope out high-up spots and make a quick getaway without any worries.



Aim for Wings ASAP

Wings are a game-changer in Smalland, making it a breeze to fly around the map. To get your hands on some wings, you’ll need 10 insect wings (from dragonflies & bees); chitin (from beetles); six textile patches; and five herpentile leather (from geckos). Keep your eyes peeled for these goods, and your Smalland experience will level up big time.


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