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FIFA 23: 5 Essential Tips That Will Help You Get Better

FIFA 23: 5 Essential Tips That Will Help You Get Better

FIFA 23 has a number of tips and tricks to improve your overall performance, just like any other sports video game. These FIFA 23 tips will definitely make you a better player, whether your goal is to gain respect from your friends or move up the FIFA 23 divisions.


We’ve also covered some of the more underrated features, such as defensive and attacking plays. Even the new gameplay mechanics introduced in FIFA 23 are quite important and learning them is a top priority. Let’s begin.




  • It is a dated strategy, but counterattacking is very powerful. Leicester City and other difficult-to-beat teams play counter-attacking football, which is a fundamental component of FIFA, especially in times of crisis. 


  • The counter-attacking style of playing football relies on speedy, influential players who are great at dribbling


  • In the past, FIFA was ruled by tiki-taka when dribbling was outmatched by passing. However things have changed, and FIFA 23 underwent massive changes to follow suit. Top-tier players are now capable of pulling off crazy moves, the likes of which you’ve never seen.




  • You can dribble by pressing R1/RB.


  • While some players wait for the ball to approach them, proactive players prefer to challenge the attackers head-on. They jockey right up to the opponent, thereby limiting their options and gaining control of the pitch.


FIFA 23: How to Perform a Fast Jockey


  • It’s a great way to avoid booking or free kicks. However, you do risk giving up your position, thereby allowing the opponent to penetrate your defense. If you want to stick to hyper-aggressive gameplay, make sure your players are skilled enough to snatch the ball and have high dribbling stats to prevent giving up possession too easily. 




  • When using practice runs, always practice directing your players with the Right Stick. Relying on the AI to make the right decision is never a good idea.


FIFA 23: How to Use Agile Dribbling and Creative Runs


  • It’s the only way you can set up a proper end-game strategy since you know which direction you’re heading. Use creative runs in addition to your players’ innate skills to take control of the pitch.




  • Double tapping the ball will create dinked passes, which will make it difficult for the opponent to steal the ball from your players. Use different passes, such as fake passes, lobbed passes, or back heel passes. Keep your opponents guessing by becoming an unpredictable force on the pitch. 


FIFA 23: Advanced Passing Guide


  • Moreover, when you double tap lofted balls, you’ll be able to pass the ball faster than a normal lofted pass while still maintaining control of where it lands.




  • Crosses and penalties received a major rework in FIFA 23. The objective was to make them more viable in a tough situation, and so far, EA has done a pretty good job.


  • Sending the ball into the box has never been easier, so use every opportunity you can. And even if you miss, there is always someone in the winger to volley it into the goal.


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