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FIFA 23: How to Score Long Shots

FIFA 23: How to Score Long Shots

Landing a long shot is difficult, but it can be quite exhilarating when done right. Your opponent’s defense can be ruthless, so sometimes the only way to score in such harrowing situations is via long shots. This guide discusses how you can land long shots consistently, alongside the controls needed to make those shots. Let’s begin. 




  • This guide consists of everything you need to know to score a goal from outside the box, even when there are opponents standing behind the ball.


  • Angle – One of the most important aspects of scoring long shots is the angle at which you release the ball.


  • Right-Footed vs. Left-Footed – Position your player on the right side of the pitch if they are left-footed and position them on the left side of the pitch if they are right-footed to increase your chances of scoring off the long shot. Left-footed player can score from the left side, but there is a high chance that the shot will go flying instead of into the goal.


  • Long shot rating – Try to score with players that have a long shot rating of at least 76 or above. Players such as Karim Benzema, Kylian Mbappé, Robert Lewandowski, and Kevin De Bruyne are quite reliable at scoring thanks to their high shot ratings. Some players might argue that long shots are not as effective in FIFA 23, but there is no harm in trying. Long shots may not be as effective as the heel to ball roll or La Croqueta, but they have their moments. 


  • Three bars – Try not to go over three bars of power. Three bars usually packs enough punch to raise the ball over the defenders and dip back into the net. The velocity is also quite high, which prevents the goalkeeper from intercepting the ball. Any higher and the ball would be sent flying over the bar and into the crowd.


  • Experiment – EA is always changing things up to keep the game fresh for both old and new players. The tips mentioned above are your best bet when it comes to scoring long shots. However, there are several unexplored angles and other shot combinations that can help you score. Feel free to experiment. You never know what you might discover during a game.



PS4 & PS5 and Xbox One & Series X|S Controls

Shots PS4 & PS5 Xbox One & Series XIS
Chip Shot L1 + Circle LB + B
Fake Shot Circle then X + Direction you want to shoot Circle then A + Direction you want to shoot
Finesse Shot R1 + Circle RB + B
Downward Header/Low Shot L1 + R1 + Circle + Tap Circle LB + RB + B + Tap B
Shot Circle B


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