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Football Manager 2023 Beginner’s Guide: 15 Essential Tips for New Players

Football Manager 2023 Beginner's Guide: 15 Essential Tips For New Players

Football Manager 2023 is a wildly popular and lifelike soccer management simulation game letting players step into the shoes of a club manager and guide their team to triumph. With a ton of strategies and tactics to mull over, it can be a bit much for newbies. Here are 15 pointers to help you crush it in Football Manager 2023:



Kick off with a team that syncs with your play style

Before diving headfirst into your FM23 journey, think about the kind of team you’d like to manage. Are you into attacking, possession-focused soccer? Or maybe you’re a counter-attacking, defense-centric manager? After figuring out your preferred play style, pick a team that aligns with your philosophy. This sets you up for success and amps up the fun factor.



Master the player search function

One of the most potent tools in Football Manager 2023 is the player search function. It helps you find players meeting specific criteria, like position, nationality, or even personality traits. Use this feature consistently to discover top-notch players for your team and identify any weak links in your lineup.



Tap into your youth academy

Nurturing young talent is crucial for any football manager and FM23 lets you do that with your youth academy. Keep tabs on your academy players and offer them chances to break into the first team when they’re ready. This not only saves you dough on transfer fees but also lays a solid foundation for your team’s long-term success.



Establish crystal-clear goals for your team and players

Goal-setting for both your team and individual players is vital for any thriving managerial career. The game empowers you to set short-term and long-term objectives for your team and players, providing direction and fueling ambition. Regularly revisit your goals and adjust them as needed to keep your team driven and on target.



Optimize the training module

The training module in Football Manager 2023 is a game-changer for refining your players’ skills and attributes. Regularly utilize this feature to enhance your players’ abilities and extract the most from your squad. The training module also helps you sharpen team tactics and mold your team’s play style.



Monitor your players’ attributes and potential

In Football Manager 2023, each player has attributes that dictate their abilities and potential. Be mindful of these attributes when making decisions on transfers and squad selections.



Experiment with various tactics

One of the game’s most exhilarating aspects is the freedom to fiddle with your team’s tactics. Feel free to test different formations and play styles to find what clicks for your team. Use the tactics creator to fine-tune your tactics, matching your players’ abilities and exploiting your rivals’ vulnerabilities.



Leverage the scouting system

The scouting system in FM23 is indispensable for unearthing new talent for your team. Use your scouts wisely to pinpoint exceptional players and potential transfer targets. You can also employ the scouting system to size up your opponents’ strengths and weaknesses before matches.



Assign fitting player roles & responsibilities

Player roles & responsibilities can significantly impact your team’s tactics and play style. For example, a “ball-winning midfielder” excels at regaining possession, while a “target man” leads the attack. Ensure you assign roles and responsibilities that gel with your desired tactics and play style.



Keep player morale sky-high

Content players perform better on the field, so it’s crucial to monitor their morale and tackle any concerns. Boost their spirits by increasing playing time, extending contracts, or simply expressing appreciation and support.



Stay in the loop with news and updates

Football Manager 2023 is an ever-evolving game, with new features and updates added constantly. Stay current with the latest news and updates to ensure your team remains at the top of its game.



Customize your experience with the in-game editor

The ingame editor allows you to modify various aspects of FM23, like player names, team names, and even game rules. Use it to tailor the game to your preferences and make your experience more immersive.



Conduct team talks and individual meetings

In Football Manager 2023, you can hold team talks and one-on-one meetings with your players. These conversations are excellent for communicating with your squad and keeping them motivated. Use team talks to convey important messages and pump up your team for upcoming matches. Individual meetings offer a chance to provide specific feedback to your players and help them grow.



Take advantage of the shortlist feature

The shortlist feature lets you track players you’re keen on signing. This comes in handy when it’s time to make a transfer offer, as you can swiftly review your options and make informed decisions.



Enjoy the ride!

Above all, make sure you relish your time playing Football Manager 2023. While it can be challenging at times, it’s also a blast, with endless new discoveries to be made. So don’t stress too much and savor the experience!


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