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5 Essential Tips for Beginners in Outpost: Infinity Siege

5 Essential Tips for Beginners in Outpost: Infinity Siege

Starting your journey in Outpost: Infinity Siege can be as thrilling as it is challenging. With the right strategies & insights tho, you can streamline your progress & avoid common pitfalls; here’s a quick guide to help you hit the ground running.



Ammo Ain’t Easy to Come By

Early on? Ammo’s like gold dust. Your starter weapon, the Xen gun, chews through ammo faster than you’d believe—15 ammo per shot for the main fire & a whopping 30 for the alt. Bottom line: You’ll be reloading more than you’re shooting if you’re not careful. The game throws a curveball at ya with ammo scarcity, especially against the horde of enemies it loves to throw your way.


Pro tip: Use that ammo generator like it’s your best friend… because it is. And those automatic turrets? They’re hungry for ammo too but give ‘em priority. They pack a bigger punch & keep the baddies at bay better than your initial peashooter. Keep an eye on your ammo count & remember, R is more than just a letter—it’s your lifeline.



Energy Management: It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Energy is the currency of movement & action in Outpost… Each move to a new location, each scan, & even ammo creation at your Outpost, it all costs energy. Planning your route efficiently is key to not ending up stranded & resource-less.


Got a spot with a giant battery?? Use it. It’s like finding an oasis in a desert. And remember, constructing more capacitors on your structure is a smart move… it boosts your max energy, letting you do more before needing to recharge. So, when you’re plotting your next move, think ahead. Conserve energy where you can & spend it wisely.



Keep It Down With the Doors

You’ve got options with doors. Some need a lockpick, some a keycard, & others, well, you can just blow them up… but that’s not always the smart move. Blowing up a door is loud, & loud equals trouble in Infinity Siege. It’s like ringing the dinner bell for every nasty thing out there.


If you’re sneaky, you can open doors quietly, avoiding unwanted attention. It’s a simple choice, but it makes a huge difference in staying under the radar & making it through your mission with fewer headaches.



Inventory Space: Pack Light, Pack Smart

Space is at a premium, folks. You’ll be juggling ammo, loot, & all sorts of gadgets in the same space. Ever find that must-have item but have no room? Yeah, it stinks. Here’s a workaround: if you’re looking at an item & thinking, “Where the heck am I gonna put this?” use your scroll wheel to switch from stashing it to holding it in your hands. Sure, you can’t shoot while you’re lugging around that loot, but sometimes the trade-off is worth it.


Keep the essentials in your inventory & use your hands for the big hauls. Just remember, you can drop & pick up items as needed, so don’t be afraid to juggle your inventory on the fly.



The Final Stretch: Exfil Missions

Alright, you’ve made it to the exfil missions. This is where the rubber meets the road. You’ve got resources? Good. Use ‘em to fortify your position, build defenses, & keep those enemy waves at bay. Resources can turn into power, ammo, even walls & towers to slow down the enemy advance.


But here’s the kicker: you don’t have to hold down those forward positions at all costs. If it’s looking grim, fall back & regroup. No shame in it. Better to live to fight another day than to get overwhelmed because you got stubborn.


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