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Hacker Simulator Beginner’s Guide, Essential Tips & Tricks To Know Before Starting


Hacker Simulator, developed by Save All Studios, has made it easier than ever to step into the shoes of a hacker and build a digital reputation. This single-player hacking simulation game, available exclusively for Windows via Steam, teaches players the ins and outs of hacking, along with the tools & techniques needed to succeed in the virtual world. Assume the role of a skilled hacker as you explore your surroundings in first-person, completing tasks, contracts, and purchasing new software and tools to enhance your abilities.


The game presents a unique concept that blends an engaging & immersive experience with hacking gameplay elements. It’s comparable to PC Building Simulator in that you complete various tasks to reach your objectives, all while constructing the ultimate computer. While there are other hacking-themed games on Steam, most are text-based and require significant user interaction. In Hacker Simulator, players can navigate their environment in first-person, interact with their computer, and even swipe Wi-Fi from their neighbor’s device.



Tips & Tricks

If you’re new to Hacker Simulator, you might be seeking some guidance. Our beginner’s guide offers helpful tips and tricks to jumpstart your hacking journey:


  • Understand that no attack strategy is perfect. Experiment with how programs function during hacks and observe how networks react.


  • Choose your targets wisely. Assess security levels, available resources and the strength of defense systems before launching an attack.


  • Be swift in your actions. You won’t remain connected to a system for long, so aim to complete tasks within minutes and leave no trace behind.


  • Complete daily challenges to earn extra rewards and upgrade your tools.


  • When stealing credentials, remember not to leave any evidence behind.





Mastering the Card Writer Tool

When a credit card DUMP appears on the skimmer monitor, it signifies that the skimmer installed on the ATM has captured the data, which is now stored in your server’s text folder. Transfer this data to your computer, and then use the card writer tool to load it into the card reader on your desk. With the DUMP loaded, exit your computer and interact with the card reader to print a blank card (purchasable on the BackStore website). Press TAB to access the printed card in your inventory.





Staying Hidden Behind Wi-Fi Networks

Maintaining anonymity is crucial for your hacking business. Learn to consistently hide behind various Wi-Fi networks using the renowned Aircrack-ng suite of tools.



Employ Real-Life Hacking Techniques

The developers have impressively incorporated real-world hacking methods into the game, including phishing, exploits, and brute force attacks.



Cracking Passwords

Utilize cutting-edge hacking techniques to infiltrate millionaire accounts, transfer funds to anonymous accounts, and install bugs in systems to steal information. Hacker Simulator’s user-friendly interface ensures you don’t need programming expertise to become a skilled hacker.


Hack Wi-Fi networks, penetrate personal or corporate online systems, and grow your online reputation to secure more work from clients.


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