BUSTAFELLOWS - Starting Routes Guide - MGW

BUSTAFELLOWS – Starting Routes Guide

BUSTAFELLOWS - Starting Routes Guide

The main tip for which choice will get you the boy you want is right on the gallery screen. When you select a choice that will boost your chances of getting a route, the choice will flash the same color as the character’s background color on the gallery.




  • Black = Limbo


  • Blue = Shu


  • Pink = Helvetica


  • Yellow = Mozu


  • Green = Scarecrow.



Chapter 1 Options

These are the only options I have found so far in chapter 1 that will affect which character’s the route you get:


  • When speaking to Helvetica for the first time, if you select “I thought you were kind of annoying,” this increases the likelihood of getting Shu’s route.


  • When asked if you are doing the article for just money or the scoop, selecting “Honestly, I need the money” increases the likelihood of getting Helvetica’s route, whereas selecting “Forget the money, I want a scoop” increases the likelihood of getting Mozu’s route.



Chapter 2 Options

Without getting into spoilers, most of what determines which character’s route you get is done in chapter 2 by answering a series of 10 Yes or No questions. Here is which choices will make you more likely to get the character you want.


  • Yes = Limbo, No = Scarecrow


  • Yes = Helvetica, No = Limbo


  • Yes = Scarecrow, No = Mozu


  • Yes = Mozu, No = Helvetica


  • Yes = Shu, No = Limbo


  • Yes = Scarecrow, No = Shu


  • Yes = Mozu, No = Helvetica


  • Yes = Mozu, No = Shu


  • Yes = Limbo, No = Helvetica


  • Yes = Scarecrow, No = Shu


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