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PAYDAY 3 PC Keyboard Controls Guide

PAYDAY 3 PC Keyboard Controls Guide

Payday 3 is setting the action gaming world ablaze, luring heisters back into the exhilarating chaos of cinematic grand larcenies and jaw-dropping heist sequences! Crafted with meticulous precision by Starbreeze Studios, this big-money game makes a grand re-entry, evolving from the groundbreaking sagas of its Payday 2 predecessor, in which our notorious gang dabbled in harrowing heists involving presidential pardons and political intrigue, and experienced exciting entanglements with secret societies and ancient gods! This superlative sequel dials up the danger as our beloved anti-heroes return to their roots, loot city banks and infiltrate the dark recesses of the criminal underworld.


Payday 3’s gripping game-world, replete with elaborate heists and revamped stealth mechanics, demands a new level of mastery over the controls—which is where this guide kicks in! We’re about to deep dive into the default key bindings, empowering you to maneuver through all challenges like a true professional and understand exactly what happens with each and every tap of the keyboard.



All PC Settings



Default Key Bindings


  • W, A, S, D: You’re movin’. Classic WASD to get around.


  • Spacebar: Jump, vault, or mantle – this is your leapin’ key.


  • Shift: Gotta go fast? Hold this to run.


  • Ctrl: Crouch. You know, to be sneaky.


  • Shift + Ctrl: When you wanna slide into action.




  • Esc: Hit this to open the menu. Pause it or whatever.


  • Enter: This one’s for chatting. Talk your talk.


  • Tab: This will show you some additional mission info.




  • Left Mouse: Shoot. Pow-pow!


  • Right Mouse: Targeting, for when you need to get your aim on.


  • Middle Mouse: Shout or mark. Communication is key!


  • R: Need more ammo? Hit R to reload.


  • E: This one is your multi-tool. Equip, place, or activate gadgets with it.


  • F: Interact. Whether you’re grabbing loot or saving a buddy, F is your friend.


  • V: Melee; get up close and personal…


  • G: Mask on or throw stuff like grenades with G.


  • X: Place your deployable.


  • Q: Use Q to throw the bag or shove your human shield.


  • Z: When you need that OVERKILL Weapon, hit Z.


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