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Wild West Dynasty PC Keyboard Controls Guide

A Ranch in Wild West Dynasty

Everybody loves a good cowboy western. Wild outlaws, honorable cowboys, and action-packed shootouts are usually enough to keep most people engaged, but there is so much more to the Old West that is just ripe for converting into entertainment value. Enter Wild West Dynasty.


This awesome cowboy simulator has something for just about every cowpoke to enjoy, including detailed settlement building and realistic survival mechanics. So if you want to live the outlaw life and rough it on the land, or settle down in one spot to grow crops and build a community, Old West Dynasty makes it possible.


However, a game with this much complexity & mechanical depth is bound to come with a few strings attached. Namely there are a lot of controls to learn if you want your Wild West life to be successful. If you want to wither away and become a tumbleweed in the wind then feel free to close this page. But if you want to become the ultimate cowboy, then continue on to our Wild West Dynast PC keyboard controls guide.


It has all of the information a rogue gunslinger like you could need, and it’s all laid out in a manner that is organized and easy to read. Be sure to keep this page open while you play in case you need to quickly reference something!



General Controls

  • Movement: W, A, S, D


  • Interact/Talk/Pick Up/Trade: E


  • Look Around: Mouse


  • Run: Left Shift


  • Jump: Space Bar


  • Inventory: TAB


  • Attack: Left Mouse Button


  • Aim: Right Mouse Button


  • Main Menu: ESC


  • Craft: I


  • Radial Menu: B


  • Place: B


  • Build: B


  • Item Slots: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8


  • Map: M


  • Zoom In: Z


  • Skip (Dialogues & Cutscenes): Space Bar



Inventory Shortcuts

  • Switch Category: A/D


  • Equip/Unequip: E


  • Eat/Read: E


  • Drop: Q


  • Cancel: ESC


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