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Wild West and Wizards – All Scroll Locations Guide

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All Scroll Locations

  • Mark of the Mind Scroll – Found in the Alchemist’s cellar with the key to cellar found in nearby Scorpion Den (Desert)


  • Wind of Wisdom Scroll – Can be found by completing the quest A Wizard’s Orb


  • Scroll of Sacrifice Blood – Can be found/rewarded by completing the A Forgotten Tome quest.


  • Scroll of Mesmerize – Found in Darkwater Prison (Desert)


  • Scroll of Blink – Found in Ruins of Jericho (Desert)


  • Scroll of Feign Death – Given by Tabitha for completing Gone But Not Forgotten


  • Scroll of Explosive Shot – Plains Secret Shop (located near to river half way up the part the river runs East-West)


  • Scroll of Nature’s Medicine – Found at the Church of the Divine (Forest). Light the four lanterns outside the church to unlock the case containing the scroll inside.


  • Scroll of Snare – Found at Dreafield Cemetery (Forest), press buttons on the following graves in this order to unlock the scroll: Joseph Wells, Leah Wells, Eve Wells and finally Israel Wells.


  • Blessing of Health Scroll – Found in Blackwater Asylum (Forest) on a table on the second level


  • Scroll of Absorb Fall – Found in Edge Town Cave (Desert). When you enter the cave you will see a large opening in front of you. You will notice a cave within the walls of this opening. Jump into this cave to find the scroll.


  • Scroll of Fire Zone – Found in Edge Town Cave (Desert) in Yonder


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