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Wizards and Warlords – Unit Attributes

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Unit Strength:

Number of individuals in the unit (out of the maximum number).




Represents the ability to fight and maneuver at full ability. This is a combination of unit cohesion, fatigue, equipment damage, etc. As the unit is involved in fighting, it will almost invariably decrease. Some events, such as being charged by a unit with a higher “weight,” will have a large impact, while others, such as using a ranged attack, have a much smaller cost. It’s also possible to recover effectiveness to a limited degree (representing units regaining cohesion, having the opportunity to replace/mend damaged equipment, resting momentarily, etc.).




Determines how swiftly the unit will close the distance towards enemy lines during the initial phases of combat. It also affects how good the unit is at retreating, pursuing, and skirmishing.



Melee Skill:

It affects the chance to hit, the chance to be hit, the chance to land a critical hit, and the chance to fend off certain attacks. Generally speaking, it affects all aspects of melee combat.



Melee Shock:

Shock has two effects: 1) It applies a bonus to damage during the initial round of melee. 2) It affects the calculation of ‘weight,’ the relative values of which are a large factor in calculating the effectiveness loss when being charged or involved in a mutual charge.




Not all successful attacks will cause damage. Toughness gives a chance to shrug off attacks (primarily based on the difference between damage and toughness). It also affects how likely individuals are to succumb to non-fatal wounds and be unable to continue fighting.




It affects the ability to cope with suffering casualties, being outnumbered, and fighting terrifying/unsettling enemies, i.e., the amount of morale lost by such events. It also affects the ability to utilize the maximum amount of “weight” during charges.




Represents the ability to fight in an organized manner, follow orders and perform difficult maneuvers. Reduces the effectiveness loss from receiving charges and gives a bonus to blocking ranged attacks with shields.




This is primarily an attribute affecting the situation on the strategic/world map. It does confer some additional skirmish ability during battle resolution.




The ability to deflect or reduce the damage from physical (and some magical) attacks.



Hit Points:

The amount of damage needed to injure or kill an individual in the unit mortally. This is usually directly correlated to the physical size of the unit members, with some variation depending on physical characteristics.


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