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Shadowbane – Character Basic Attributes

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Character Basic Attributes

Strength: The character’s physical strength and arm strength. Stronger characters do more damage and can carry heavier loads, and many weapons and armor have minimum strength requirements.


Agility: This attribute affects speed, so a character with higher agility can attack more times at the same time and has a higher chance of dodging enemy attacks. Minimal damage and defense are also affected by Agility. Some weapons have minimum dexterity requirements.


Constituency: This stat affects the character’s vitality, stamina, and resilience. Too low a constitution may result in death susceptibility or poor endurance in combat.


Intelligence: This attribute affects the character’s ability to remember and learn. Characters with high intelligence level up quickly and reach higher levels of skill. right Essential to the caster.


Spiritual Power: A very important attribute for the caster. Spiritual power directly affects the character’s mana.


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