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Shadowbane – The City Wall

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The City Wall

Walls are one of the most useful and obvious urban defensive structures, stronger than most, able to withstand more attacks and limit attackers’ access to the city. Players using ranged weapons or magic can also attack enemies while standing on walls. Note that hawks and other characters with flying spells can climb walls.



To build the wall

Only the leader of the ruling guild can place the wall. The wall can only be placed within the tree of life area. Guild leaders need to purchase the various wall seeds they need from the architect. The wall seeds are used the same way as the building seeds. Slightly different: the left side of the drop window now displays all kinds of wall ICONS; The wall segments automatically merge when placed close together. After the wall is placed, it is still in the construction stage and will take some time to complete and fully function.



Maintain the wall

The wall does not require maintenance. The wall can be repaired by placing money in the safe box in the wall management window. NPCs cannot be placed on walls.



The guard tower

Like the wall, the guard tower has a management window and a safe for repair, but can also house a special kind of NPC: the wall bow guard. Unlike other mercenaries, the Wall Arrow Guards cannot patrol, train, or respond to commands. They will automatically attack guild members, nation members, or croissants on the kill list.



Wall section of the list

The types of wall sections are as follows:



Exterior wall

 The largest wall section of a gate tower, consisting of a long outer wall and a large gate, with guard towers on either side of the outer gate. The inside of the door is enclosed by the inner wall into a courtyard and forms the inner door.


 An external wall section with a large wooden door in the middle.


 A basic section of exterior wall.


 An external wall with a staircase leading to the inside. The defenders can climb the stairs to the top of the wall to fight.


 An external wall with a short section of an internal wall and a flight of stairs connects the top of the internal wall.



The guard tower

 The short outer wall at both ends of the concave tower is engaged in the right corner and the guard tower inside the joint point, most of the edge of the tower is outward.


 The short outer wall of both ends of the convex tower is engaged in the right corner and the guard tower inside the junction point, most of the edge of the tower is inward.


 A guard tower in the middle of a straight wall.


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