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Shadowbane – The Tree of Life

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The Tree of Life

The tree of life is the heart of the guild city: it makes the city appear on the world map, provides respawn points for the guild, and restores city assets. Guild fortunes and fortunes are tied to the Tree of Life. The following describes the function of the tree of life in city management and defense:



Get the tree of life.

As with other building and city assets, guild seeds can be activated to place the Tree of Life.



Place the tree of life.

The tree of life cannot be placed randomly; there are terrain and regional restrictions. There is a sphere of influence around the tree of life. The spheres of influence of the two trees of life cannot overlap. Only the leader of a Wandering Guild or a Loyal Guild can activate Guild Seeds.


To activate a seed, double-click on a guild seed or Ctrl+ Left click select Use. The Tree of Life is placed in the same way as a building, with two notable differences.


Drag the tree of life into the map area, and a message will pop up asking if you want to see all existing guild areas. Clicking on the check button opens a special world map. The red area indicates the places that cannot be placed.


There is also a circle around the Tree of Life icon to represent its area of influence. If the color block is green, it means the place is suitable, and if it is red, it means the tree of life is not suitable. When placed, you will be prompted to name the Tree of Life and the City. Operators have the right to ban or change inappropriate names.


Like any other building, it takes time for the tree of life to grow from a sapling to a tree. During the sapling assist phase, the location of the tree of life is hidden on the world map. But the system message will also notify other players that a new tree has been planted, so be careful.



Use the tree of life.

Double-click the tree of life to open the tree of the life information window. The window displays the name of the tree and the affiliation of the guild. Other options shown are determined by character level, guild affiliation, and guild status:


 Joining the tree of life in the guild safe zone will only be available if the character level is below 20. Only wandering characters can use this option.


 Binding will only be used by provincial or national members, which allows multiple binding points to be used without changing guild affiliations, which is the main advantage of the City Alliance. Manage the tree of life Like other city assets, the Tree of Life has a standard building management window to manage upgrades, repairs, badge lists, and safe deposit boxes. Only the head of the guild and the cabinet have governing powers. Leaders and cabinet members are automatically added to the tree of life ally list, unchangeable. To remove a character from the tree of life ally list, they must be demoted.



Tree of Life Protection

The Tree of Life can offer unmatched protection to buildings in its area of control through runemasters. The number of protected buildings is related to the level of rune masters, and the number of runemasters is determined by the level of the tree of life. The poison ring is the only way to resist the protection of the tree of life. Destroying the poison ring placed by the attacking party in the city battle is the first goal.


The city master can allocate the tree of life’s invincible protection through the runemaster management window or open the city command window. Click on the crafting slot in the runemaster management window to view details of existing protection contracts, or click on an empty slot to create a new protection contract.


Rune Masters have a certain number of contract slots based on their level, and Tree of Life has a certain number of Rune Masters based on their level. So the tree of life has a maximum amount of invincible protection. After the vacant contract slot is selected, the list of all eligible buildings will be opened, and the building you want to protect will be selected and confirmed. The city command window provides a graphical tree of life protection management interface, which can quickly and easily assign invincible protection. No matter how many people can manage the tree of life, only one player can control the tree of life protection.


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