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Shadowbane – How to Train Skills

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How to Train Skills

Find the corresponding NPC mentor → double-click the mentor with the left mouse button → select the training skill → pop up the skill list dialog box → click the skill to be trained and click the training button to improve the skill proficiency.


Note: Training costs money and skill points. Skill points are earned by leveling up. The higher the level, the less money it takes to learn. When learning a skill, pay attention to the conditions under which it is learned. Some skills require a certain level or proficiency in other skills before they can be continued.


How to view world map: open system menu (ESC key) → click window menu → click world map → show world map window


How to use character action: open system menu → click action menu → select social action → appear social action list


Note: Drag and drop shortcuts to the desktop for easy use


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