The Outer Worlds - Dialog Skills Guide - MGW

The Outer Worlds – Dialog Skills Guide

The Outer Worlds - Dialog Skills Guide

You will discover a chance early on to use your mouth to solve a problem rather than your gun. Doing so in certain situations can be not only advisable but downright advantageous, leading to a greater reward or unexpected outcome. Always consider leaning on Persuade, Lie or Intimidate: not only does it open new options and build out your character, you gain experience each time regardless of the outcome.


Note that certain dialog checks have skill requirements and will be restricted if you don’t meet the prerequisite. Consider investing in the ones you like to use when leveling up.


In The Outer Worlds, dialog skills also affect combat by imposing status debuffs on your foes. A high Intimidate skill will send your enemies fleeing from your presence, while a considerable Lie score has a chance to confuse automechanicals into attack each other.


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