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The Outer Worlds – Hacking, Picking Locks, and Stealing

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Like other games in the style of Fallout and The Elder Scrolls, The Outer Worlds is littered with locked boxes, encrypted consoles, barred doors and otherwise inaccessible goodies. Luckily, you can bypass the most well-intentioned security through the combination of skill and tools. If you come across either Mag-Locks or bypass shunts while adventuring, pick it up! You will need Mag-Locks to open locked doors, while the shunts help you hack into computers. The higher your skill the less of these you need, but challenges tend to increase as you progress through the story.


Stealing, on the other hand, requires no special tools. If you have the moxie and stealthiness to position yourself behind your mark, the contents of their spacesuit are as good as yours. A note: your companions will not impede any sneaking attempts, even if they decide to squat down in the middle of a well-lit room in front of absolutely everyone.


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